People are weird

As I’ve pointed out before people, in this case it is mostly women, are really weird:

A woman has been creating a lot of buzz lately, but for all the wrong reasons, after declaring her “love” for the prime suspect in the Idaho quadruple murders case. Brittney J Hislope on her Facebook page has released multiple posts, pronouncing her admiration for Bryan Kohberger. She also apparently has sent several letters to him.

There is some sort of strange psychology going on here. This not a rare occurrence.

I have personally known two different women who married prison inmates. They did not know them prior to their incarceration, but were attracted enough to them to overcome the obstacles and marry them while they were in prison. One was murderer. The other tortured and raped a teenage girl.

If you read deep into the arrest, incarceration, and even execution, of serial killers, the letters from women nearly overwhelm the jailers at all stages of the murderers stay in law enforcement custody..

What is going on those minds that they are attracted to these scumbags? We have long known some women are attracted to “bad boys”. I suppose this is just an extrapolation of that. But I do not understand it even in the mildest form.


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  1. “This not a rare occurrence.”

    This is a frighteningly common occurrence. Some in the pick-up artist community have remarked on it, and possible ev-psych mechanisms to explain it. But it is indeed mindboggling.

    I predicted that it would happen to the chump who murdered his girlfriend in Yellowstone, but he was not taken into custody to find whether I would be right. Was picked apart by gators in Florida instead.

  2. It’s long been a trope that (at least some) women prefer Bad Boys over staid and solid men – the “Good Guys finish last” theorem – but this sort of thing does boggle the mind, even though it’s been going on for, well, forever (I’d like to note that it was Eve, not Adam, who first found serpentile encouragement to delve into the produce department’s offerings so inviting).

    Anyway, if someone were looking to do a scholarship-funded multi-year Phd dissertation in psychology or psychiatry, this might be their opportunity. Not that either branch of psych bears any resemblance to witchcraft or that “throwing bones” thing, but it might be – somewhat – interesting to see what’s under whatever rocks get turned over. I have no doubt that interviewing a large number of the women so inclined would probably be quite fascinating. Also probably quite frightening, but yin balances yang and all that.

    Since much of psych’s claimed success seems to involve manipulation of (some) chemical imbalances in brain chemistry, there might be a real world explanation. Somewhere.

  3. I looked at her Facebook account. The thing that stands out is just how long every one of her posts is. She seems to want to share every aspect of her thoughts with the world.

    That opens up two separate possibilities. The one is that she is craving attention from the world and trying to shock people. The other is that she is just so personally annoying that she can’t hold onto a normal bad boy and has to look far afield.

    I have to admit, though, that I expected she would be painfully ugly. Just the opposite: she is gorgeous, actually. Probably has a bunch of beta males hanging around her, making her contemptuous of men who aren’t bad boys.

    • I’m reminded of the internet meme displaying a very attractive, quite well endowed young woman, garbed in a revealing bikini, and reading “Somewhere, there’s a guy really tired of her shit.”

      There’s an old proverb from somewhere mentioning “you can always find what you want between her legs, the challenge is finding what you need between her

      Appearances can be deceiving, etc.

    • James E Holmes couldn’t get laid to save his life. Now that he’s sentenced to multiple life terms, he gets hybristophilic fan mail.

      Some academic papers exist.

  4. Maybe those headhunters in the Amazon were on to something? Keeping all those shrunken heads out front to attract the ladies?
    Maybe that’s how warrior culture got started. Killing makes the woman all amorous and gets you laid?
    I could see that working.

    • John Ross, in his book, Unintended Consequences, described one scene in which a group of young men and women were at some skydiving school when one student failed at the proper landing. He described how that activated the libido of every woman there.
      Before we scoff too loudly, consider how different the 1940’s in America and Western Europe were compared to now.

  5. Women are inherently irrational. This case is simply one more piece of evidence proving that. It’s why they should have never been granted the vote. They EMOTE their way through life instead of thinking. And they vote with their emotions…not their brains. It’s a major reason America is on the verge of collapse.

      • Females are essentially hard-wired to be attracted to a strong father figure to enable them to successfully raise children. So, the “bad boy” syndrome. This is why they vote for authoritarian politicians that push for socialist type systems. “Daddy” will make the world right for them.

        Why do you think most all groups/nations did not give women the vote, unless they wanted, or were already, a socialist/communist system? The Dems pushed for giving them the vote because they understood that women would be an automatic force on their side. This is also one of the drivers to dumb down schooling here in the US, as an uneducated female will automatically vote for her nature. The Dems are evil, not stupid.

        • This is bad and you should feel bad. Red pilled alt right BS. No way you’re not an undereducated 25 year old white male with limited romantic experience

      • Go on the web, find a chart of government spending over time. Ignore the war spikes. Look for an inflection point. Hint: 1920ish.

        Sure; you can find -a- rational woman, but if you have, then you also know just what a rare creature they are.

      • I said “women”. NOT a “woman”. There are rare exceptions to the rule but women are BIOLOGICALLY programmed to be emotional. Ignoring that reality is an invitation to disaster.

          • I’m just an old man with a ton of experience.
            Neither irrational nor particularly emotional.
            A realist who sees the world the way it is rather than the way I want it to be.

  6. The 19th Amendment will be the death of our Republic Some historical cultures had a tradition of strong somewhat rational women being accorded near social equality. The shield maidens of the Viking tribes come to mind. But generally, feminization of a culture is a sign it is on its way out. Historical examples abound from pre-revolutionary France all the way back to Rome

  7. “There is some sort of strange psychology going on here.”

    Yes there is…I believe the term is “Batshit Crazy!” or something like that.

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