Even if this is true, unexpected by rational people, and newsworthy DON’T publish this sort of stuff about mass murderers:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Mass murderer [scum bag] is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters sent to the Broward County jail, along with hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account.

Teenage girls, women and even older men are writing to the Parkland school shooter and sending photographs – some suggestive – tucked inside cute greeting cards and attached to notebook paper with offers of friendship and encouragement. Groupies also are joining Facebook communities to talk about how to help the killer.

The murderer getting attention and fame is a big part of why we have copycats. Yes, we have a First Amendment that protects this publication, but an irresponsible media that publishes even the names of mass shooters bears far more responsibility for copycat murders than the NRA and all gun owner in the U.S. combined.

I have to believe they want more mass shootings. They cannot be that stupid. They cannot have such total crap for brains and still be able to breathe on their own.


11 thoughts on “DON’T DO THAT!!!!

  1. “I have to believe they want more mass shootings.”

    I believe that the March for Whatever and the hype for the teenage victim spokespeople was pre-planned and just waiting for the “next school shooter.” I think we got blindsided by Bloomberg and Co. who had this all prepped waiting for a “crisis” to exploit. However, the bright spot is that, as usual, they have overplayed and over hyped their message.

    • I’m sure we are observing the same dynamic as we saw in the last presidential election. The popular and acceptable behavior was to hate Trump while lavishing praise upon Hillary under threat of social leprosy. If you vote for Trump it means you hate women and want all Mexicans to be rounded up into camps and die. A quiet, underground of thinking people rejected the hyperbole and elected Trump. Now, if you support gun rights it means you want babies to be mowed down by machine guns in their cribs. Gun owners who are open about their property and beliefs risk losing their jobs and social contacts. The same quiet underground exists on this issue.

  2. In the public interest, we need a system that will make fame-seeking criminals socially radioactive.

    I propose, for any crime salacious enough to warrant national attention, that the perpetrator of that event be permanently and legally assigned an insulting name. I’d solicit the internet for a list; they’re good for that sort of thing. Nothing directly obscene or profane, but the person who shoots up a school is going to be buried under the name “Flacid Douchenozzle” or “Inept Nostrilminer”. There can be an office at the FBI dedicated to concocting and indexing names to the perpetrators of criminal atrocities, upon request.

    As a reasonable regulation of the First Amendment, pursuant to a specific public purpose, the publication or transmission of any previous name of a person so named or suspected as the perpetrator of an atrocity will be banned. FCC licenses will be at risk, fines will be levied. Even suspects will be known as “Individual suspected to be Idiotic Crustyjockstrap” for two reasons:
    1) If they are a perpetrator, there’s no reason not to be insulting them early and often
    2) If they are not a perpetrator, their real name will not be associated with the crime after their exoneration, and they can be released in literal anonymity.

    As a plus side, I think girls with overdeveloped badboy-attraction-tendencies will have a hard time getting worked up over “Chinless Orgasmdenier”.

    • Just crucify them on TV and let the world watch them beg for their mommy while they take 3 days to die.

    • And we criticize the antis for having little else but sexual humiliation jokes?

      • I’m open to a better idea.

        We just need some fame-denying scheme that literally is a fate worse than death, such that suicide is not an escape.

        Simultaneously, that lowest rung of the entertainment industry that calls itself news and journalism needs to lose the motivation to create fame for whackos. If someone pays the whackos in the coin they want, you’ll get more whackos.

  3. Again and again; is it stupid to want more mass shootings? Are you sure? It depends on your desired outcomes, doesn’t it? It depends on whether you’re evil or not.

    We could debate whether evil is stupid, or stupid evil, but that’d be a very different conversation.

    I assert that there is intelligent, even very clever, evil in the world. If certain groups want to destroy the United States and everything good that it ever claimed to stand for, they certainly appear to be going about it with some intelligence, and some ability to plan and organize.

    I further hold that fact to be self-evident.

    That being the case, we do ourselves a disservice to view the opposition leadership as feeble-minded. Some of their followers may be among the lower functioning, mentally, but that in itself points to some clever tactics.

    Lucifer was among the highest ranking angels in Heaven. He became a mighty tactician; clever, subtle, surreptitious, proud, everything we’re seeing now in the global authoritarian movements which seem to get rich and powerful as they leave a wake of destruction and angst in their path.

    • If you read what I read carefully you will noticed that I said they must want more mass murders and that they cannot be that stupid.

  4. I can’t believe people are this stupid. And per today’s post about strongly held beliefs I’m doubling down on that belief. This must be from the onion.

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