Anti gunner ignorance on display

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With the right technology enforcing gun control and safety would be an easier task for Law enforcement.

Currently All guns manufactured have a serial number on them, this process takes much longer when trying to identify who owned the gun, who sold the gun, etc. This is where an app for a smartphone could truly make a difference. Of course this app would be available to law enforcement only and not the general public. With this mobile app, Law enforcement would have the ability to tag guns in real time. Such as when a gun is purchased the name of the owner, and the store from where it is sold is put in to the system, as well as the date and time.

With this information, a recognition system could be used for guns. Maybe along with the serial number etched on the gun, NFC (Near Field Communication) chips could be embedded in the metal. Thus Law enforcement could simply wave their device (smartphone) over the gun and would immediately receive data to aid in the case.

Vedant Chaudhari
August 16, 2012
How To Make Gun Control More Efficient Through Better Technology

<heavy sigh>

There are so many things wrong with this it would take me more words to describe the errors than it took him to demonstrate his ignorance. Here is a sample:

  • He assumes that guns used in crimes were purchased by the criminal committing the crime rather than stolen or multiple private sales later.
  • He assumes the NFC chip would not be removed.
  • He is unaware that the NFC chip would be shielded from the reader by being embedded in metal.
  • He assumes the criminal leaves the gun at the scene of the crime rather than keeping it or disposing of it miles away from the crime.
  • He assumes gun owners will be accepting of this technology.
  • He assumes the technology will pass constitutional muster. When the express purpose of the right to keep and bear arms is the prevention and/or remediation of a tyrannical government keeping records of individual guns and tracking those guns would significantly degrade this express purpose.

Not only is the technology suggested impractical. It probably would be found to be illegal. And, in part, is physically impossible.

Nice job Chaudhari! Your ignorance is truly impressive. Thanks for sharing with us.


9 thoughts on “Anti gunner ignorance on display

    • Hacking your RFID chip to implement a SQL injection attack would be hilarious.

      I, for one, can’t wait to get my latest DROP TABLES model 2011 to go along with my OR 1=1 style AR-15.

  1. As George Carlin famously said; Understanding how dumb the average person is. Remember, half of them are dumber than that!
    We are compelled to remember they are preaching to THEIR congregation.
    Not anyone that might actually think about what’s being said.
    And that brand of ignorance only has to get approval from their editor. (If you can still call them that with a straight face.) And as Joe’s previous post pointed out. It could be just how they FEEL it could work.
    Having absolutely zero truck with reality and criminals in general.
    But they do keep us entertained.

  2. He also assumes firearms must come from a government approved source. Unbeknownst to many people there are thousands of people with special skills and talents called machinist who can take billet material and turn it into things like firearms.

  3. The only thing such a scheme could reasonably accomplish is the registration of guns. Which of course is something the gun grabbers DESPERATELY want to accomplish as it’s the first step to confiscation. I am sure the gun grabbers behind the scheme are aware that it won’t do what they say it will. They don’t care.
    It WOULD accomplish the registration part…which they DO want.

    • Requiring private sales to go through an FFL (if enforced) accomplishes the same thing.

      • opening the NICS to private use would accomplish the majority of the good purposes that forcing all private sales to go through an FFL is claimed to achieve, yet i’m not aware of any serious attempts to do so. i’m sure it wouldn’t be easy, and there surely would be complications both practical and legal, but i refuse to believe it would be flat out impossible.

        • Not impossible. Just ignorant. As someone who worked with the NICS background check system. Plus the Oregon check system. And the ATF trace system. Plus was in the middle of several FFL “audits”.
          Firsthand knowledge is that the whole thing is crap.
          Was designed to be crap. And was used as a tool of harassment more than anything.
          And literally stopped ZERO criminals from getting guns.
          Try this. If we just had a background check system for obtaining drugs. It would stop illegal drug use.
          That’s what you sound like Nomen.

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