3 thoughts on “It is in their nature

  1. Not always….the socialist/communist left managed to infiltrate, subvert and overthrow the US government over the past 6+ decades without using violence.
    And now they are in total control over all of us. We can’t even vote them out….because they OWN the machinations that control the voting results.

  2. Y’know, there is a solution……whether we have the intestinal fortitude, or sufficient attention span, to employ it, I dunno, if for no other reason than it cannot be completed during the duration of an average commercial break.

  3. Good comments all! Looking at that picture all that comes to mind is revolution by Gallagher and the gammas. Most of them look like they would starve to death the first bad winter without government.
    Yes, they have taken over the countries levers of power. But like catching a tiger by the tail, Now what?
    Their policies and lies are so ignorant and obvious that Baghdad Bob would have a hard time keeping a straight face.
    And a solid block of 100 million gun owners is something they just can’t get around. (There’s is a good reason they have to keep up on the censoring.)
    The real fun starts when the lights go out, and their EBT cards stop working.
    When it goes from revolution to evolution, Darwinian style.

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