Axe wielding on Mugme Street

Technically, this is eight blocks from what Barb and I consider ground zero on Mugme street, but this could be considered evidence the cancer has progressed this far since Barb and I last did an inspection.

Via a tweet from Sean D Sorrentino @SorrentinoSean:

Do you know what stops charging “deranged AXE WIELDING” men? The proper application of multiple jacketed hollow points.


3 thoughts on “Axe wielding on Mugme Street

  1. 3rd is Mugme Ave, so this isn’t a surprise. Anyone who knows Seattle knows if you have to walk downtown, you take any other avenue. A lot of them are bad in places, but not like 3rd

  2. How retro, Joe. I’ve adopted Black Hills Honey Badgers as my carry load! All copper and better for the environment!

  3. You could see the feral little animal was getting a kick out of it. Like he had permission from satan or something.
    Stop, open your coat, and give him a smile? I’d bet he would forget all about his mental illness real quick like.
    The look on their face when they find out you ain’t scared is truly a precious.

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