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The Biden White House has for the most part worked hand-in-glove with gun control advocacy groups toward their shared goals of civilian disarmament. But a lawsuit against the government by survivors of the Sutherland Springs attack in 2017 is putting a strain on this harmonious relationship and causing embarrassment to all concerned. That’s because defending the suit has forced the government to admit inconvenient truths about the limitations of gun control. Now Biden & Company face a tough choice: Pony up more than $230 million or appeal the current judgment against the government and incur the wrath of its usual allies by truthfully admitting the top priority of gun controllers doesn’t really stop violent criminals.

It’s significant they had already argued in the case that even background check denials would not likely have stopped the perpetrator, nor could the Air Force had known from his commission of domestic violence that he had the potential to carry out a different type of attack.  Both those admissions essentially negate any further claims by the Biden Administration that firearm background checks have any essential role to play in public safety.

January 9, 2023
Biden DOJ Angers Gun Control Allies by Truthfully Admitting NICS Can’t Stop Violent Criminals
[It is such a pleasure to see the truth we have been shouting from the rooftops for decades finally putting the squeeze on the anti-gun people. With the Bruen case behind us the legal environment is essentially won with “just” a decade or two of mop-up left. As seen above the practical argument is becoming more and more one sided. The philosophical argument is easily won which may be why the anti-gun people almost never push that angle.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—NRA-ILA

  1. Good news that a political point may be compromised for use as an excuse for pushing more gun control legislation. However, if this is to be moved to becoming exceptionally effective, there needs to be provisions in the law that will require that judgement damages be paid by lobbyists that pushed for the legislation. Since it will never be that legislators can be held accountable for unconstitutional laws, going after the lobbyists would be the next best thing. Let Bloomberg and Soros and their minions foot the bills and it will end very quickly. If we continue to allow such damages to be paid by taxpayer money, this type of judgement will have little impact as the media will still be left to spin it at will.

  2. That’s funny. And we don’t need an appeal to use the talking point. The government already said their system was worthless.
    Something else the people have been light-years ahead of the government on.
    To bad hypocrisy doesn’t work on desperate communist passed the cocktail party. Tomorrow it will be forgotten and never mentioned again.
    Thank God and you Joe for providing the legal precedent to remind them with!

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