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  1. Should it be required that, every time a legal gun owner successfully defends human life using a gun, a gun-control activist must be publicly humiliated by name?

    No, not that either.

    The motivations here interest me. As near as I can tell, we have anti-gun activists who despair of people simply not buying what they’re selling, no matter how loudly they shout it. So they turn the volume up to 11. And then up to 12. And so on.

    They keep looking for new ways to escalate. Will gun owners understand how evil their guns are if we do this? How about that?

    The introspection phase — hey, is it possible that I have this all wrong to begin with — never seems to happen at all.

  2. By that logic, priests and divorce lawyers cause marriages to break up. Without them there would be no divorce, so if we just ban them, relationships will all be good, right?

  3. That’s one the communists don’t want to get started. Whom should we start executing for everyone that has died from some bureaucrat’s un-ending communist horseshit?
    How many people have died from fentanyl OD because Biden and cartel friends keep the border wide open?
    We can execute most of the problems in this country over that one alone!
    Maybe we can go after big pharma next? And we ain’t got nowhere close to abortion.
    Sounds pretty well reasoned for a communist. Let’s play!

  4. I have said it before and I will say it again. Gun controllers only have one true desire: the complete and total ban of all guns and gun ownership with the literal complete and total government mandated extermination of every single gun owner.

    I also would go further and say not only do they want the complete and total ban of all guns, gun ownership and the mandated extermination of all gun owners but also the mandated extermination of every single person in a home with a gun along with the entire population of the United States that opposes that up to and if need be the literal complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States minus Democrat party members.

    They hate you and want you dead. They hate every single gun owner and want literally every single gun owner dead. They hate literally every single person not themselves and they want every single person not them dead. To think that they do not want this is to misunderstand the mindset of a far leftist and current Democrat party member. They tell you this to your face in no uncertain terms. Take there words accordingly.

    • In the words of Maya Angelou (herself no friend of the Right), “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

      Various elements on the Left have said, over and over, that they want some sub-section of the non-Left humiliated, socially and financially ruined, jailed, and/or exterminated. Taken together, no matter where you sit politically, if you’re not marching in lock-step with the full Leftist agenda, somebody there wants you dead. (Hell, some will want you dead if you’re a little too light-skinned, or a little too Judeo-Christian. But we’re the racists and Nazis. Sure. [/sarcasm])

      If anyone didn’t believe them the first time, they had a second chance. And a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, etc. Someone on the Left has always said the quiet part out loud, and the rest have never rebuked them. At this point, I don’t know what I could possibly say to convince someone who still refuses to believe it.

  5. sure, a great idea. and, while we are at it, let us have 27 idiots who voted for gun bans executed for every person shot by a criminal with a gun (hey, you think they mind that they are “breaking the law” when they are breaking the law and killing innocents) when an innocent is killed who doesn’t possess a weapon to defend him and/or herself.
    ah, what the hell. let’s make it 50. or, 100. yeah, that’s better. the gun banners should be held responsible for a criminal’s conduct, too, eh?

  6. I propose the inverse:

    A gun control advocate should be executed for every violent death in a gun-free zone.


  7. I don’t support passing a law saying that all gun control insects will be executed.

    Too much paperwork involved. Just have the local governor offer a pardon to anyone who terminates them with extreme prejudice.

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