Bread lines

Via Tamera @tacsgc:

Have you ever seen or even heard of a bread line in a free market economy?

Don’t ever let the socialist get their way. Just keep saying no until you run out of ammo.


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    • There were “soup kitchens.” People were hungry due to lack of money. But farmers were letting crops rot in the fields because the prices were so low that they would lose more money by harvesting them (my grandparents were farmers during the depression).

      To the best of my knowledge, there was a problem with overproduction, not lack of production.

      Please correct me if there is evidence to the contrary.

      • My grandfather plowed a field of Millet under because he would not come out ahead even a little if he paid to harvest it.
        The problem was the price supports, keeping wages up while the economy collapsed around everything. Amity Schlaes discussed this in “The Forgotten Man”. The planning and regulation FDR did with his cowed Supreme Court, Hoover attempted to do with voluntary industry agreements. There’s more to explain, but it all comes down to the baked in flaws of a planned economy. It is worth noting that Coolidge referred to Hoover as “The Boy Wonder.” Supposedly FDR campaigned on letting the economy float to its own level, but when he was in power the temptation to lean on the levers of fiscal policy was too great.

    • Celtic, the Great Depression was a product of government intervention in the free market.

  1. Spot on Joe. Not that famine and economic depression have not created bread lines before. But most all of those problems are temporary.
    The long term problems generally stem from government trying to fix or manage the problems. And that’s considering that they themselves didn’t create the famine or depression. As we see with the WEF climate carbon scams. And the federal reserve management of our currency.
    Socialism being just another one of those government attempts. Supply/demand laws are ironclad. People may go hungry, but generally will not stay that way without artificial means.

  2. “Have you ever seen or even heard of a bread line in a free market economy?”
    Only after something like Hurricane Hugo, many years ago (this was before Chavez the Catastrophe came into Venezuela like a hurricane promising everything to everyone without working).

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