Quote of the day—Kate Anderson

Black perpetrators were responsible for 69% of physical or verbal assaults, Asians made up 17%, Hispanics accounted for 11% and white attackers committed 3%.

Kate Anderson
December 29, 2022
REPORT: 97% Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In New York Were Committed By Other Minorities
[To my Jewish readers, prepare appropriately.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kate Anderson

  1. I’ve always had a problem with these types of stats. As they create the very problem they say there trying to cure. And only cast doubt on those standing behind them.
    Claiming victimhood will do little to change one’s status either.
    Better to be who you are and stand ready to fight the whole world yourself. As life itself is fighting a losing battle anyway.
    I think it was Tom Petty that sang you “Don’t have to live like a refugee.”

    • Except victimhood is the coin of the realm nowadays.Previously the focus was on the perpetrators who could straighten out their own behavior or know they’d spend time in the graybar hotel. Now it’s a contest to see who can out-victim the other, with immoral word games positing that language of a disfavored group is violence while the violence of the favored group is actually speech and protest.

  2. I wonder what percent of the financial crimes (like embezzlement, accounting fraud, FTX failure, looting a company after a hostile take over, maxing corporate debt until they fail, etc.) are committed by Jews, and what percentage of the people financially hurt are white?

    • Very good. But by bringing in race you tint the real problem. Thieves are thieves, an they gon’na steal shit. And when studied one realizes that can be anything that isn’t under armed guard.
      From Wall street to So. Central, it’s just a matter of what you leave out more than anything.
      The problem is how we treat thieves.
      Sam Fried-Bank should be twisting in the same wind as the cartel drug dealers. Which is their just deserts. Race is just a confusion of the argument.
      Which is also a Jewish trick.
      Happy New Year, Rolf!

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