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Democrats with ambitions of broad gun control in the United States face a major stumbling block in their efforts to enact those policies: American voters themselves.

Gun rights remain broadly popular in the United States, even after years of Democratic efforts to turn high-profile mass shootings into major gun control initiatives.

A long history of gun ownership, coupled with robust constitutional protections for firearm ownership here, have led to one of the largest private gun stocks in the world.

The enduring popularity of guns in the U.S. was underscored by a recent RMG Research poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen, one that earlier this month found some support for new gun laws among voters  but far more overwhelming favorability toward gun rights.

Just the News Staff
December 30, 2022
As Democrats ramp up gun control, a supermajority in U.S. think gun ownership good for society
[This is essential. Over time, SCOTUS rulings will match the culture more than the culture will match SCOTUS.

Keep up the good work. Take a newbie to the range.

Yesterday I took a new coworker to the range. He is former military and likes guns but all his guns were stolen a year or so ago and had not replaced them. I took him to the range and let him shoot several of my handguns and introduced him to Steel Challenge like shooting (with multiple paper targets) and USPSA stages. He said he really enjoyed that and it was nothing like he had ever done before. He plans to get a new gun soon. I plan to take him to a Steel Challenge match when the weather gets better.—Joe]


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    • I’ve referred to steel plates as “clangers”, and the first time I encountered them, shooting and receiving immediate feedback improved my shooting with the very first shot (well, the first hit).
      Subsequent to that day, I went on to the CMP Western Semi-finals, and while I was not among the top finishers, I was not among the bottom quarter, which I would have expected, given my experience with high-caliber competition.

      So yes, shooting gongs is very helpful practice.

  1. Thanks to you Joe. Your work and donations have made gun-control an all or nothing proposition for the communists. Either they come out and try an all out ban/confiscation. Or feeble nibbles around the edges type laws.
    The culture is solid, and growing. The legal side seems to be hanging tough. Thanks in large part to you and people like you. May it be one day said that America was where communism went to die!
    Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

  2. I like your line, “May it be one day said that America was where communism went to die!”

  3. What voters think has never really mattered to most politicians. Even less so to the gun grabbers. They want what they want and will never take no for an answer. And with ‘mail in voting’ and ‘ballot harvesting’ they no longer have to worry about being voted out of office.

    • Leftist politicians believe that they are better than the mere voters because they got elected. Because of that, they believe they deserve what they want. I have compared the elected politicians from each party to the Party Members in totalitarian systems. they are the ones who receive the benefits of the party.

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