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I love admissions like this.

The good “doctor” was trying to argue that the Democrat Party isn’t coming for peaceful United States citizens’ firearms… by pointing out that the Democrat Party is, in fact, coming for those firearms.

In Chains @InChainsInJail
Tweeted on November 9, 2022
[This was in response to this tweet:

Lol. We are coming after your AKs and ARs. But not the others. I’ll be forever keeping my shotgun, my rifle, and my handguns.

The mind of those on the political left is so “interesting”. This is just like yesterday when we had the brainiac tell us, “Other than murder, violent crime is not up.”

Think about it! It’s all consistent..They spout contradictive nonsense which demonstrates they cannot detect simple logical errors. This explains why they (excluding the willfully evil) cannot understand, despite mountains of evidence, their leftist policies are economic suicide and catastrophic for individual rights.

They simply don’t have the mental processing capability to detect logic errors. It is like a variation of Peterson Syndrome. They are missing a thought process than the rest of us take for granted that nearly everyone has.



2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—In Chains @InChainsInJail

  1. Joe, the fact that their policies are catastrophic to individual rights is not a logical disconnect – it’s part of the plan. Individuals can’t be herded.

  2. Well, well, well, once again we find someone ready to do what exactly? The good doctor doesn’t understand that coming for something, and actually taking something are two different things?
    Telling me your coming for my guns is like telling Antifa your going to stop them from rioting. Or hood-rat/cartels your going to stop them from dealing drugs.
    The good doctor and crew have made law illegitimate through their actions.
    No one is listening anymore.
    But they can’t see that.
    It seems to me that those logic streams the rest of us take for granted are just being over-written by hubris and pure ego, in the American communist.
    I think the real problem is no one gets bullied in school anymore.

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