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It’s a micro penis thing, the bigger the gun the smaller the…

You know

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Tweeted on July 17, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

You have to wonder about these people. Did she do her own research and come up with different results? Or is she just another bigoted science denier?

Via a tweet from In Chains@InChainsInJail.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—@AmyRangel

  1. I think the science is settled on that one. These extreme libs are so insecure about their own sexuality (which is partly why many of them are so “fluid” – they don’t know what the fuck they are….) that they think everyone else is, too. So they expect to reduce gun owners to quivering blobs of ectoplasm by insulting our manhood, when in fact they just make themselves look like immature 6 year olds.

  2. Did she do her own research? Unfortunately, that account is suspended at this time, but using the wayback machine, I found her account profile with picture and…

    Wow, that’s an impressive thousand-cock stare.

    She may have had a large enough sample size, but who knows if her methodology was sound or her equipment was properly calibrated for each measurement under controlled conditions.

  3. Hmm. Yeah; once you’ve already said “penis” right from the get-go, that cute little game of, “… you know… you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout? Eh, ladies? (wink wink, etc., etc.)” totally loses its effectiveness. You need to pretty well commit to one device or the other, see? Either one is fine, but they just don’t work in combination.

    I used to be an editor for a left-wing troll, so if any of you leftists need help with your writing, then I’m your man. I used to specialize in blistering sarcasm, personal incredulity, innuendo, and avoidance of data, evidence, hard facts and morals in favor of your Romish doctrine and the elevation of ego and pride, so I think I could help you a lot in such literary endeavors. Call me. “Bring down the patriarchal system” by making your texts, tweets, TikTok posts, and scathing comments sing! Standard fees apply.

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