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Just like we warned politicians after the Bruen decision, fall in line, or we will force you to. We are excited to see Kathy Hochul finally served a plate of humble pie, and we are fully prepared to continue the fight should she again attempt to disarm the citizens of her state at a time when her party’s policies are only escalating the danger that everyday citizens face.

Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America
November 7, 2022
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    This is happening a little faster than I expected.

    I’m anxiously awaiting some decisions on the “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine bans. The bans on 18 to 20 year-old gun ownership sales should show up about the same time. After that it is on to suppressors, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and, eventually, full autos. What a glorious time to be a gun rights activist!—Joe


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    1. Looks like the Washington mag ban is eventually doomed, although the SCOTUS is likely to force the state Supreme hand on the matter. Kind of interesting that the WA State Constitution is even more stringent than 2A, but with our liberal-leaning state supreme court, it’s less likely to be upheld.

      I’d expect the mag ban to fall, an probably “assault weapon” restrictions. Hoping (but not likely to see) removal of the ban on person to person transfers without going though an FFL.

      • Oh yeah! Person to person transfers. I forgot about that. NICS fails the history and tradition test and should fall too.

        • Probably need someone with a clean record who gets delayed, or better yet unfairly denied (might be someone with a common name) to get standing to work this one through.

          • Agreed. And this is something that should be done a year or two (or more) from now so we have a lot more precedent behind us.

    2. Thanks for all the time and money you and your friends have put into the legal end of all this Joe!
      Countless amounts in lives, blood, and misery have been spared by your actions alone.
      Thank you and all who pay for this fight!

    3. “After that it is on to”


      If it is a Federally protected right, it cannot be limited to within one State. Especially if many States’ laws gave historical, traditional, textual protection to travelers going lawfully armed. The scholarship is established.

      I would have preferred that States do this on their own without Federal involvement, but I don’t live in the world I wish I lived. I’d buy a 5-rd S&W 36 and speed strips tomorrow, and keep it box-stock if that meant I could take it with me the next time I have to enter NY (their laws on ‘modifications’ are absurd too). Aging mother-in-law, brother-in-law not doing so well medically.

      SCOTUS can help this along, or it can end up mandating it.


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