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The practice of marketing weaponry designed to inflict mass casualties in combat toward our own people must end if the nation is ever going to end this cycle of repetitive mass murders. There is no legitimate basis for the civilian version of the MCX-SPEAR, marketing JR-15s “to Wee 1s,” or facilitating arms industry profiteering by obliterating the line between military weapons and those appropriate for the legitimate use by civilians.

Thomas Coffin
October 20, 2022
This new military-grade rifle should not be owned by civilians. So why is it being sold?
[Assuming the opinion piece is sincere… Mr. Coffin, SCOTUS disagrees with you. Thanks for the tip.

Reading between the lines a little bit… Starting with the author’s name, the article is a little odd. It’s as if this was actually a stealth marketing gimmick for the new rifle and The San Diego Union-Tribune fell for the fake opinion piece.—Joe]


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  1. The only real scandal here is that 1) it is NOT the same rifle/ammo package – the truly hi-velocity stuff, with the be-metal casing, is military only, and of course the military gets the cool shorter barrels, and 2) it costs $8k. Charge what the market will bear, of course. In time, this rifle will work its way into the civilian market, just as the AR15 did, and it will be widely used.

    As it should be. We are, after all, the militia.

    • Wait. What?!? We won’t be getting the new ammunition? What will it fire? Just plain old 5.56mm? Heh. For $8K? Heh.
      I don’t think Mr. Coffin will have to worry about this one flying off the shelves…

  2. More pearl clutching from the deeply blue college town of Eugene, OR. You bet, all the gang bangers and school shooters will rush to their nearest arms dealer to fork out $8K for a SIG.

  3. “The practice of marketing weaponry designed to inflict mass casualties in combat toward our own people must end if the nation is ever going to end this cycle of repetitive mass murders.”
    Don’t you wish you could get paid for writing crap like that? Just lying out your ass like it’s all just so perfectly logical.
    I thought the MCX was built to military specs?
    Does it ever occur to these communist nimrod editorialists that they’re the one promoting school shootings?
    The real question is; would it matter to them if they did?

  4. I’m sure someone could make a great advertising campaign based on: “This isn’t military grade; it’s better.”

    More of: “The trigger in a milspec M-16 is select fire, which has the full-auto setting that our trigger doesn’t. But in single-shot mode, their trigger is just OK. Our trigger package is excellent, breaks like a glass rod with adjustable take-up and overtravel. The Army pays $400 for their triggers. Ours are $150.”

    And: “The military rifles are designed with a significant amount of dirt tolerance, which means it’s a bit loose. You’re not actually going to roll in the mud with your rifle. The tighter tolerances mean more accurate shots. After all the testing and administrative overhead, the Army pays $3000 more for their rifle than you will.”

    Further: “We heard you: you want the Magpul furniture, which our soldiers don’t get issued to them. So, rather than giving you cheap placeholders that you’ll just immediately replace, we have a direct deal with Magpul that means that you get the good stuff for the price of the cheap milspec furniture. If you want to replace the furniture anyway, you’ll be able to sell it for a reasonable return.”

    GunCompany: Our Stuff Is What The Army Wishes It Had.
    PewPewCo: Our Hobby Grade Is Better Than Milspec
    VetBros: Ask Your Senator Why Our Stuff Costs Half Of What The Army Pays

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