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That letter from the Dirty 51 had “all the classic earmarks” of a disinformation operation, all right — one designed to ensure Joe Biden won the presidency. And it was essentially a CIA operation, considering 43 of the 51 signatories were former CIA.

In the two years since, not one of them has admitted they are wrong.

David Priess at least gets marks for subjecting himself to a cross-examination on Fox News one recent afternoon. He tried to defend the letter by saying people were too stupid to understand it. The letter was “still true” because it did not use the words “Russian disinformation,” but concocted the weasel phrase “earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

He knows perfectly well that Biden and the media drew no distinction, that the letter he signed was used to censor and deride The Post’s accurate story and deny the American people the truth about one of the two candidates for president.

“It’s not my fault if people don’t look up definitions,” Priess said, smirking. “Those words are still true. It has all the classic earmarks.”

He has all the classic earmarks of a psychopath.

Miranda Devine
October 19, 2022
It’s been two years since 51 intelligence agents interfered with an election — they still won’t apologize
[Why should they apologize for accomplishing their mission without suffering any consequences for their deliberate deception? I’m certain they are quite proud of their accomplishment. They changed the course of history with a single letter. That is rather remarkable.

I think they deserve 20 years at hard labor followed by forced donation of their organs to be put up for auction for donation to Donald Trump’s favorite charity. But there is no guarantee of justice.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Miranda Devine

  1. How about just volunteer them for frontline duty in Kherson? As Russian conscripts.

  2. Well, that’s coincidental. As everything out of the CIA these day has all the “earmarks”, of a communist coup.
    Thus treasonous.
    And we still haven’t heard any of you correcting Joke Biden after the debate now did we?
    Where he stated plainly that 50 CIA, (I can’t bring myself to call them intelligence), operatives said it was Russian disinformation.
    It’s obvious Joe Biden has the brain function of a tapeworm at this point. Thus, everyone controlling him is committing fraud on the America people. Laws cannot be made and enforced thru fraud. Every act is treason.
    Politicians serve under a contract of public trust. Therefor they do not just lie to us. They commit perjury. Also punishable under law.
    The truth is all they have now is naked power, and our fear of it. I wouldn’t expect them to give up power easy.
    But we can give up our fear of them. And the first step is to see them for the criminals they are. And that their every act is illegitimacy.
    Nancy Pelosi is not speaker of the house. She’s a treasonous, perjurious criminal in dire need of a perp walk.

  3. prison, my ass!! hang ’em from the street lamps. by their heels. let the crows eat them.

  4. This is just the beginning.
    It will get far worse.
    Be careful what you say.

    Have some kind of strategy in place.
    Take steps…….

  5. The left has only ONE RULE. WIN. By whatever means necessary. And unless/until they start suffering personal painful consequences they have no i
    intentions of ending their constant assaults on freedom and violations of the law and the Constitution. We let them get away with it. Therefore they will continue to do it. The system isn’t going to punish them. It will reward them.

  6. Just as has happened in Russia, we should learn the lesson that former intel or spy or internal security hacks should never be allowed close to the levers of power.

    We can’t live without them, but we can’t live under them either.

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