Quote of the day—Scott Bach

The right to carry is here, and it’s here to stay, and everybody’s got to get used to that. This angry fist-shaking by various states like New York and New Jersey is going to blow up in their faces. They can pretend that Bruen doesn’t say what it says, but it’s only going to come back to bite them.

Scott Bach
October 25, 2022
New York court rulings against gun law may signal trouble for similar New Jersey bill
[I suspect the “bite” will be in the form of being held in contempt of court. But I fantasize about their criminal prosecution and compensation of their victims.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Bach

  1. Voter suppression in the South led to the imposition of federal oversight of their laws. It would be sweet and fitting if the attempts of New York and New Jersey, as well as Hawaii and California led to federal oversight of their gun laws. Gun rights are the “new” civil rights.

    • We’re well overdue for the likes of California, New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Illinois and New Jersey to be subject to “pre-authorization” by the Dept Of Justice, Civil Right Division (Second Amendment) for any law relating to firearms or appurtenances thereof.

      Naturally, the Second Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA would have to practically close down because every one of their lawyers and staff are full time employed as the senior leadership of that new branch of the Civil Rights Division.

      Also, I’d like a unicorn that eats aluminum cans and poops out 80% AR lowers.

    • I’d dance in the street if SCOTUS implemented preclearance for gun laws in known anti-rights states.

      Right now I’ll settle for Bruen II “clarifying” Bruen and basically remove permitting as against the history and tradition of arms ownership in the USA. Since NY, HI and NJ can’t behave when told discretionary permitting is off-the-table, let’s just remove permits altogether and make the country Constitutional Carry.

      That’s what is going to happen in the end. Along with further clarification of a “sensitive place”, a list of acceptable places and no more.

      Anti-gun people are their own worst enemy in the end. They fight a battle so blindly they wind up giving the other side the very thing they were fighting against by their own actions. There’s a reason Fenty and Daley are patron saints of gun rights today. I am hoping we can add Honchul to the pantheon.

  2. I don’t know, for decades the courts pretended that Miller didn’t say what it said without any significant repercussions.

  3. It’s all good! No matter what some government morons whines about. Sticking to your guns, actually works. And spells big trouble for the communist putsch.
    And Joe, nazi’s never dreamed they would end up the main attraction at the Nuremberg trials.
    It could happen. After all there is over a 100 million of us.

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