Quote of the day—Ima Private Person @ImaPrivate

But seriously guys, learn a few skills to make your partner happy & NO ONE will care about your penis size

Brandishing the #1 choice of mass shooters — that recently pulverized 19 school children into unidentifiable bloody mush, decapitating 2 — will not attract quality partners

Ima Private Person @ImaPrivate
Tweeted on June 17, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ima Private Person @ImaPrivate

  1. I guess he/she/it is one of those people pushing the idea that an AR-15 will “shred Bambi” when the reality is that an AR-15 is too feeble a gun to be suitable for hunting Bambi in the first place.

  2. How does this “private person” know how big my penis is, or what I would consider to be a “quality” partner, or what my firearms of choice are, or what I do with them?

    And what business is it of theirs, anyway?

    • …or for that matter, whether any of the persons to whom its comments are address are penis-owning persons in the first place? 🙂

      • If it were not for the certainty of becoming g the subject of an unflattering essay (and associated publicity), and if I thought they actually wanted to learn something (I don’t get the impression that anyone does) I would invite them to see some of my collection. If they wanted they could even bring a measuring device of their choice.

        Since I don’t believe it’s an honest case of curiosity, however, no such invitation will be extended.

  3. The liberal preoccupation with penii is perhaps one of the key factors in why these cloistered incels go on the rampage in the first place. The liberal mind is quite confused – if anyone with a dick is the enemy (except for screwed up women who have one grafted on – then why are they so concerned about penis size? If boys could act like boys and be applauded for doing so – instead of being constantly beat down for being toxic and not being girls – maybe they’d be able to find “quality partners” and wouldn’t become the isolated bitter souls who decide to die and take a few with them?

  4. This may sound weird. But I have to point out it’s privates arguments are as compelling as the rest of gun-control utopianism?
    It sounds as informed as they come to that movement. I mean look what it voted for in the last election. Retards of the world, unit! Could have been their campaign slogan. So ya, I find Pvt. Privates position to work as well as it gets for them.
    And yes Pvt. 5.56 will blow somethings head wide open at close range. If it didn’t, no one would want one. I would say go figure……
    But then losing your brains isn’t something you and your fellow travelers have to worry about anymore, is it?

  5. re: penis size

    whatever (size) it is, it has been found useful in terms of procreation and many other desirable inheritable features. and, it has been found to be a desirable (inheritable) feature, else it would not be of continuing viability as an inheritable feature. and, it would no longer continue being “inherited.”

    in short, it is useful. is that not enough?

    so, go with what you got, learn how to use it effectively for the intended purpose, and ….. be happy.


    p.s. it would do well to keep in mind that this liberal fascination w/ penis size is, in classical psychological terms, a matter of a “projecting” an inadequacy upon others, … , in this case, projecting feelings of inadequacy upon adversaries. so, i think that those who “raise these arguments” would be better off checking the contents of their own trousers. they would find their troubles lying at their own feet. (well, not really. 🙂 )

    just sayin’. laughing

  6. There’s nothing mutually exclusive to learning a few skills and owning an AR.

    Learning these skills is not predicated by having a small penis.

    You can have it all!

    Or none.

    Let freedom reign!

  7. I remember seeing a T-shirt, or perhaps a mention in a blog, referring to gun size compensating and pointing out that he carried a Mini .22.

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