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Here’s the loophole in the new regulation that software developers are exploiting: if the jig isn’t part of the “kit,” then there’s no firearm under the latest definition and hence no required background check. Specifically, the rule states that when an unfinished frame or receiver is “distributed or possessed with a compatible jig or template,” it is now automatically considered to be a firearm. Leave out the jig, however, and the” kit” is incomplete and doesn’t fall under the rule.

Bob Adelmann
September 14, 2022
New Software Negates Latest “Ghost Gun” Rules
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob Adelmann

  1. I love this sort of “Loophole” exploitation.
    All the word “loophole” indicates is that someone else has better reading comprehension than you do, when you wrote your shiny new law.

    The same occurred in California, first with the bullet button, then with some sort of magnetic catch, and then with the Monster grip and the Thordsen stock.

    The gnashing of teeth over someone using the law to get around your unconstitutional law is almost as good as seeing the enemy flee before you and hear the lamentations of their women.

  2. Holy Shit! Those dastardly gun people are exploiting the “it isn’t actually a gun” loophole!


  3. It does appear the BATF is on another exercise in herding quail. One would like to believe them intelligent enough to see the futility.
    But alas, what the mad king has ordered, shall be performed!
    I no longer pondered as to why ancient civilizations crumbled and died away.

    • Herding quail, or pigeons.
      Hammering mercury?
      They’re working on another SCOTUS slapdown.
      I look forward to their trials.

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