COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Court Case Go Fund Me

I received this email yesterday:


Long time reader but not a comments kind of guy. I was hoping maybe you can contribute or share this info.

A buddy of mine is suspended without pay for refusing to get vaccinated and is currently in court over this issue. The Go Fund Me link has all the details. He is looking for financial help for the legal expenses.
I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe,
Even a small donation could help Jonathan Lucas reach their fundraising goal. And if you can’t make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.
Thanks for taking a look!

I have mixed feelings about this. Government mandates? NO WAY!!! Private mandate? Hmmm…. maybe. Your mileage may vary. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

I donated a little bit. The link given to me after my donation was


6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Court Case Go Fund Me

  1. I am largely unemployed because of vaccine mandates.
    The covid “vaccine” that is actually available is still experimental under EUA, uses a technology that has never been successfully used in decades of attempts, and we have ZERO long-term safety data. It’s clearly a violation of the Nuremburg Code (compelling involvement in medical experiments) to require it by anyone. Threatening you with loss of employment is undeniably coercive.

    It is an irreversible medical procedure with an ugly risk profile; according to VAERS, more than two thirds of ALL vaccine deaths reported in the last 30 years of ALL vaccines are for the covid shots. Based on the highly variable casualty rate lot-to-lot, it’s clear they either have really bad QC, or they are deliberately experimenting with dosages and additives, because clearly they are not all the same.

    Medical experiment participation protocols REQUIRE informed consent, and the risk / benefit information given to those about to get vaccinated is both highly inaccurate and egregiously incomplete; so much so that most people getting the injection don’t even know it’s still experimental. Anyone doing more than asking politely should be charged under the Nuremburg code for crimes against humanity under the medical experiment section.

    I donated. Not a lot (see above-mentioned unemployment reference), but what I can. This garbage won’t end until we have mass non-compliance and court case wins on on our side.

  2. Aesop, of the “Raconteur Report” had some very good ways to fight against these mandates as he has been an ER nurse in a large LA hospital for years.
    They were going to do a mandate. But after he informed them of not only the Nuremburg code. (Which is a treaty under the constitution of the United States. Therefor law.)
    He also informed them of all the other infectious diseases from which the hospital had never asked or proved workers should be vaccinated.
    HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, common colds and flus, and a whole host of other things.
    But he promised them they would be spending millions for all of it in the future. And the courts would back him up on it.
    They just decided it was better to just keep the status quo.
    To me it’s a matter of perceptions. As the penalty for the mandate can be death.
    By lethal injection or hanging. And no one wants that.

    • We made most of the same points at my workplace. But management had already made up their minds, and the union leadership — which is supposed to represent member interests — was 100% on board with the mandate, ignoring their own members. (They got what they asked for, which was a couple hours’ paid time off … only to be used to go get vaccinated.)

      Nobody was interested in hearing anything against the Magic mRNA Injections then, and they still aren’t now.

  3. If that’s the same GoFundMe that’s been making the rounds, I’m on the fence about it.

    My understanding is, his workplace mandated vaccination or a religious or medical exemption. He did not get vaccinated, and also did not seek an exemption. He just let the deadline pass with no action, which weakens the perception of his story.

    In that sense, the consequences are at least partially on him. OTOH, if he had sought an exemption and was denied, that would be a different story.

    To be clear, I don’t think employers need to know or have the right to demand religious or medical information — required to apply for an exemption — any more than they need to know or have a right to demand proof of vaccination.

    Based on that, I’m still willing to donate. I’m just pointing out the optics of his claimed narrative aren’t as solid as they could have been.

  4. How many of those Private Mandates came on the heels of government carrots on sticks? Hospital workers, for the most part, either got the Jab or lost the Job.
    Why would private companies be able to push someone to do what they seriously don’t Want to do? It’s a fine line, IMO. Bugs me when I Can see both sides. I think that now, with everything that has been seen, regarding the safety and effectiveness of the Jab, nobody should be asked to take it. If they are silly enough to choose it,well, okay.
    I understand why an employer can tell employees they can’t wear certain things. They don’t want a political statement in the workplace. Especially if the employees work with the public. Don’t want to offend the customer.
    If the employer believed the hype and you took the Jab because jobs were just too hard to find and you were making good money and couldn’t let the job go, bills to pay, mouths to feed, and you took it, now do you get to sue because you lost your job due to injuries from the jab? It’s a Mess,innit?

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