Quote of the day—Bruce Harrell

The answers are pretty simple in nature. We have too many guns out there and too many guns in the wrong hands.

Bruce Harrell
Seattle Mayor
August 15, 2022
Flurry of Seattle weekend shootings ‘unacceptable,’ Mayor Harrell says
[The article fails to tell us how many of those shootings were justified. I wonder why.

Simple answers for simple minds. If the “wrong hands” are unsupervised in public then they will use clubs, knives, rocks, feet, and those very wrong hands to injury others even if they do not have access to guns. If those people predators are locked up then it doesn’t matter how many guns are “out there”.

His has a simple mind and/or he thinks you do.

I hope he enjoys his trial.—Joe


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bruce Harrell

  1. Ya Joe, he needs to be replaced by Paul Harrell? And they’re not so simple minded, just pure f–k’in evil minded.

  2. Hmm… How do you count justified? If a gangbanger uses a gun to defend himself is that justified? Especially if that gangbanger or one of his gang members just used a gun to whack a rival gangbanger. What about a gangbanger defending his wife or child?

    I would think that since most gun ‘violence’ is gang on gang that justified would be rather low. Of course, the real problem is not gun ‘violence’ it is gang culture that already operates outside the law leaving conflicts to be settled the old fashion way. If not a gun then …

  3. Gun control is your go-to policy when things that work aren’t popular with your base. The second choice is climate change, and third choice is some -ism or other. The common thread of all of these public positions is that they don’t fix any problems, so a politician can keep going back to that well, election after election, because the problem is said to still be there, even if it was never there.

    These public positions are how you know crime is going to go up, roads won’t be repaired, power supply will be dodgy, public education will turn into state indoctrination, the public treasure raided to establish beholden clients, and some scapegoat group will be to blamed for all the ills.

  4. As Jeff Snyder (I think; correct me if I’m wrong) said, if you get rid of all the guns you will still have a crime problem, but if you get rid of all the criminals you cannot have a gun problem.

    Kinda makes a guy wonder if the crime problem is what they’re really trying to fix, doesn’t it?

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