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You are not in high school debate club anymore. You are a peasant in feudal Japan, and every day the Samurai get to denigrate, abuse, and rough up your kind as much as they want. But if you ever talk back to a samurai, let alone try to do a little roughing up of your own, you will be beheaded on the spot. And far from being punished for this, the samurai who does it will be praised for doing his duty, since uppity peasants are dangerous and immoral and need to be dealt with at once, before they threaten the established social hierarchy. That samurai is just protecting democracy the Shogunate. Pointing out the hierarchy of the social order as a peasant will be met only with a nod of approval: “yes, that is how it is, it’s good that now you finally understand.”

If you, Class B serf, do not enjoy this arrangement, your lamentations about hypocrisy will not change it, no matter how loud and shrill. Only taking back control of the levers of power and then using that power to strike the fear of accountability into the hearts of your ruling class will ever be able to do that.

N.S. Lyons
August 10, 2022
It’s not Hypocrisy, You’re Just Powerless — A quick Public Service Announcement for Class B
[“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” And, one must conclude, political power diminishes as your access to guns is infringed.—Joe]


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  1. Very well said! The more things change, the more they actually don’t.
    Human nature being what it is and all. (Mostly fallen.)
    Only this time class A forgot to disarm the class B. And all class A has on it’s side is an enforcement army. And a wealth that dies when the light switch gets turned off.
    And can’t exist without tires, electricity., and hundred mile long supply lines through class B territory.
    One would almost think there was a class A+++, that wanted to see class B kill class A.
    That’s the thing with murderous hypocrisy couple with conspicuous consumption. People tend not to forget such abuses. And as the writer points out, class A just can’t help themselves. They like rubbing it in your face.
    No way to end it well. But end it will.

    • “One would almost think there was a class A+++, that wanted to see class B kill class A.”

      You’re getting warmer.

      First we have to understand that this is a global war, and then we can understand that the foundation of the U.S., as a Protestant and republican government, with our constitution asserting individual freedom of conscience, has been a thorn in the side of those who hunger for global power (Rome) ever since. Therefore the destruction of the United States as-founded is very much an agenda. If class B commences to murder class A, and all manner of chaos results, then so much the better for the powers-that-should-not-be. We’d be helping them along, thinking we’re doing justice.

      In short; this is not getting fixed. The national mindset, even among “conservatives” who’ve not taken the time to wonder what it is they wish to conserve, is so far removed from the mindset of the time of the founding that it is no longer recognizable as American, and without that original mindset, no amount of “tactical victory” can reverse the direction in which we’re heading. The strategic war, having no foundation and no direction, can never be won without a shred of the original mindset and pretexts which resulted in the original victory. Through slow rot, by the slow, but inexorable and total, shift in the Overton Window, we’ve become a different people altogether. Our original strength has been cast aside in favor of shadows, mindless traditions, and falsehoods.

      Believing either in idols or in the non-existence of our Creator, we as a nation can no longer expect guidance or protection from said Creator (as was enjoyed by the founders). The enemy is thus enabled to enter and take over, with or without a fight. Such is the overall concept of what are called “the three angels messages” in the Book of Revelation 14:6-10, which even most of so-called Christendom now reject as being inapplicable to our time.

      While I have no doubt that most Americans of the time of the founding, say around 1790 (after the war and still in the process of founding), would understand most of what I’m saying, most “Americans” today will consider it either gibberish or the mindless ramblings of an outdated mind. Therefore, such as it is, I rest my case.

      • I can’t totally disagree. But I would point out that global-anything never works, at least not for long. And it’s been tried how many times since Nimrod and the tower of Babel?
        All humans die. So, someone is getting something out of this merry go round of human hell on earth.
        On a macro cycle I don’t see it going any other way.
        Because God is in charge. And you got 60-100 years of perceived time to decide what and whom you want to spend eternity with.
        Have we not spent most of our lives figuring out how to eschew evil? Isn’t that what we do more than anything in life? Try to do the right thing?
        And others not so much. We have to strain and struggle just to squeeze out an honest living.
        We get stronger, faster, mentally tougher.
        Others want the easy way. They lie, cheat, steal.
        We keep going through this because the lord is separating evil from good in his kingdom.
        That to me is the reason this world exists. And as Jesus said. “While your on this earth you will have tribulation.”
        Yes, he goes on to mention a time of great tribulation, and his return. But that’s not changing the facts about the constant tribulation we all go through on earth. Even in good times. It’s always something bad happening somewhere.
        Even if we don’t understand it, God has a reason for it.
        And like he told Job. Who are you? I don’t answer to you, or anyone else.
        Gird yourself up like a man! (This to the guy that just had satanically inspire boils on his dick, as well as his whole body. Talk about monkey pox!)
        Are times bad today? Ya. But I can still buy bananas in the middle of Idaho for 70 cents a pound.
        Will they get worse? All I can say is, Deus Vult!
        And praise god it does! Jesus is our only salvation!
        How else are Christians to learn how to fight evil?
        Hasn’t that been man’s fight ever since Adam didn’t say; Hun, you did what? You ate what? OOH, you and the snake are f–ked now! No wonder my rib grew back!
        But he didn’t. What you think about the next time he has that choice?

  2. And far from being punished for this, the samurai who does it will be praised for doing his duty, since uppity peasants are dangerous and immoral and need to be dealt with at once, before they threaten the established social hierarchy.

    It’s my understanding that was very far from the truth.

    That peasant was also a productive member of the feudal society growing food that the superiors of the samurai in turn had to pay as taxes. The samurai would have to have a good explanation as to why the trade off favored killing the peasant instead of lesser punishments that wouldn’t destroy his economic utility.

    This of course doesn’t change the general principle of self-defense as a natural right, or why it was considered to be so important to keep the peasants etc. disarmed, notably starting at the end of the Sengoku period.

    Which we’re told was so destructive for so long, a century and a half, it provided the moral impetus for the repression and stasis of the Tokugawa shogunate, and that all this is critical for understanding today’s Japan. Also interesting is for how long the nation has been ruled without much regard for the people, something that continues to this day. For those of us in the US, imagine our Social Security Administration saying “Oops, we lost your records, you get no pension.” Which has resulted in some people getting knifed.

  3. As long as a citizen/serf/peon is armed they aren’t helpless or powerless.
    Of course they WILL pay a price for defending themselves against the
    samurai pros the criminals in power send after us. But if enough of us
    peons take out enough of those criminals in power….permanently….things
    will improve.

    • True, which of course explains the left’s persistent efforts to disarm the citizenry.
      The question, or worry, is how far they will go to do so. “Enemies foreign and domestic” by Matthew Bracken is a dystopian novel describing one possible answer, and it’s not a comforting one at all. So is his short story “Raoul X” which increasingly starts to feel like non-fiction.

      • “… how far they will go”

        And never forget that while we often think of them as stupid, they are an intelligent and organized adversary that are more than capable of playing 3d chess in a world in which they control and have access to all communication except for face to face.

        • I should have said telecommunications and noted that flyover country has less telecommunications.

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