Quote of the day—Ddraig RSP @Draigg

A man who’s twig & berries are so small you couldn’t find them with an electron microscope, compensating with a bunch of deadly phalli/phalluses. And because of that his wife invited the mailman “in for tea” about six years ago.

Ddraig RSP @Draigg
Tweeted on May 3, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Insults. They lack the philosophical, moral, and legal high ground so they go with the best of what they have left.—Joe]


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  1. Projection with a side of Dunning Krueger, he thinks everyone else is as genital obsessed as he is and is so impressed by his seeming cleverness that he doesn’t see how stupid he looks.

  2. Insults are good! It shows the amount of distain one has for you. And the level of intelligence that can be brought to bear against you.
    This one proves were in pretty good shape with this batch of American communist.
    And they’ve raised the rhetoric to the point of really wanting to do something super-stupid.
    Next, we find out how tough they ain’t.
    That is if it survives the vaxes and the monkey-pox?

    • Yes well, we’re looking at one of the Romish left’s catechumen, an initiate; one of the duped, or the “unbaptized” if you will. The perpetrators themselves aren’t so dumb, and some of them are quite clever, having studied the art of manipulation for generations and developed it to a high level that most of us cannot comprehend.

      In the fraternal system, for example, the initiates, though they’ve taken an oath, are kept utterly in the dark as to the upper level goings on. They may be actively taught that the purposes of the fraternity, and even the meanings of the symbols which they display openly, are quite different, even opposite, to the real purposes and the real meanings. I have received some inside information on this. Only after much initiation, time, and proofs do they begin to let their members learn of “The Secret Truths” and suchlike as they may refer to them, once they’ve graduated up through the levels of membership and proven themselves trustworthy. As for the run-of-the-mill American, default leftist, they’ll never be let in on the secrets. They (or sometimes even we) are the expendable masses, and as such we can give them something of a break in some circumstances. Most of them will be suffering right along with us when things have “Progressed” a bit further. Others of course will be used as “cannon fodder”, so to speak, in the excrement show that’s over the horizon.

  3. i think men and women that post that crap are jealous they don’t have any real “male” friends or husbands…most gun owners i know are real men, not skinny jean wearing panty boys with a hair bun…

  4. And yet, the left has gone bonkers over the previous years, saying how evil it is to sex-shame others. This blatant hypocrisy demonstrates the disingenuousness of their often proudly, and loudly, asserted principles. Therefore we can be certain that their claimed reasons for doing what they do, and for saying what they say, are lies; that the left has surreptitious agendas, altogether different from its stated ones. If you look and listen, this sort of reveal can be observed at every stage of leftist, Romish behavior around the world.

    Many of them claim, boldly, to love America, yet will go apoplectic when you openly espouse American founding principles. Others claim to be Christians, yet will fly off into a rage when you quote Jesus’ rebukes of their specific behaviors. Still others say they’re Jewish, yet become intolerant when you recite the Ten Commandments and expect them to be honored. Others among the left claim to advocate free speech, and yet are among the first to egg on the cancel culture. Most of them claim to follow science, yet will not hesitate to intimidate, threaten, and even ruin the careers of decorated and accomplished scientists who disagree with them. The gyno-centrists claim to advocate women’s empowerment and choice, but when a woman chooses to marry and stay home to raise children, and support her husband while he supports her (and thus she is accepting one of the most powerful positions in society), they go bananas and can’t contain their hatred, and wish all manner of destruction upon her. They claim to be compassionate regarding the suffering of others, yet will literally cheer when someone they don’t like is put out of business and financially ruined by taxation and aggressive government interference, and so on, and on, and on, such that this sort of hypocrisy is axiomatic and universal among the left, on all points. Why then should we expect them to uphold their pretend hatred of sex-shaming?

    Expect it. Predict it. Know where it’s coming from.

    But forgive them if you can– Most of leftists are default leftists; the victims of generations of psychological programming. I can confidently say that, had grown up in the same environments as some of today’s whackiest leftists, I’d be, at heart, no different from them. Whacky leftism is all that some of them have ever been exposed to in earnest. And so, should I dare say that we have some serious and solemn missionary work to do?

    Let’s try not to be the hypocrites (with or without PhDs, patents to our names, and decades of experience in our respective fields) that we accuse others of being. If we can, individually, accomplish that much, then I’d say we’re doing pretty well. Still, I’ve heard it said that;
    “To be almost, but not entirely saved, is to be not almost, but entirely lost.”

    Sobering words, no?

    We’re all the victims of deception, and have all participated in, even taken delight in, the perpetration of evil. And therefore, knowing this, how can we be strutting in pride while pointing the finger of blame at others?

    Does it make me a hypocrite to say all these things in one post? I suppose it does. And so I cannot defend myself as a person. Scold me if I do! But I certainly can, and will, defend the perfect law of liberty as the ultimate ideal. And if I, an imperfect being, uphold perfection, and proclaim it as such, that perfection is no less perfect. Perfection is not guilty by association with the imperfect, otherwise no one would be saved.

    It’s a scary thing that the other side could make the same claim, eh?

    And therein lies the rub. We can point out the hypocrisy of others, but if we do then we’d better point out our own. And so it comes down, not to the people involved in this Great Controversy. We’re all flawed. It comes down, exclusively, to whom and what it is that we, as individuals, acknowledge and serve as the standard, the authority, in our lives. Good verses evil. Love on one side, verses the insatiable quest for status, power, glory and pride, leading to destruction, on the other side.

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