She probably doesn’t trust numbers

This is very telling:

She probably feels this way because she doesn’t trust numbers to give her the correct answer.


10 thoughts on “She probably doesn’t trust numbers

  1. I’d say it’s a fair bet she doesn’t understand numbers much beyond common counting digits.

    • She doubtless knows if she got checks or deposits in the proper amounts, and if she was personally shortchanged at a cash register. But yes, beyond that, she doesn’t understand the function of numbers, or even the relationship between decisions and the underlying facts.

      Or more likely, she does, and is tap dancing hoping no one notices she is trying to force the result.

      • Yup, she understands numbers quite well. As every number that comes out of her BS administration is a lie. She knows it, she helps fabricate them.
        And she’s just projecting on the rest of us that were lying to.
        Let’s face it. Seen an honest number come out of government in the past 40 years?
        Me neither.
        The real object is to keep the people in her district disarmed. And for communists, that means by any means/lie necessary.
        But it ain’t like everyone didn’t see this coming, right?
        Commies got to commie.

  2. She’s saying that her mind is made up. No amount of facts or evidence can sway her position. You(the greater unwashed) cannot be trusted with the implements that her security detail employs to insure HER safety.

    Face it. She’s better than you and wants to shove it down your throat.

    She is the reason why the Bill of Rights exists.

  3. She demands not to know things.

    It would show two things:

    1) CCW carriers nationally (and NY almost certainly) are some of the most law-abiding people in the country

    2) NY’s and NYC’s corrupt, broken permitting scheme has provided permits to people who shouldn’t have them and denied them to the people of the state at large.

    • @Matt
      Ordinarily I would agree with you on your first point. On a national scale, CCW holders commit fewer crimes. But in NY, who (currently) is the demographic that holds the most permits, given that it takes massive bribery or political pull to get one? Crime bosses and politicians – neither of whom could be considered law-abiding. Your second point speaks directly to the issue.

  4. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”
    And when the point is to make sure only the outlaws have them? You get wide-eyed lairs like Hochul to keep it that way.
    The problem is we keep refusing to except our own criminal status. And act accordingly. Because in reality we were right all along. And the Hon.C.Thomas just told us what we already knew.
    Hochul and crew are the criminals. And were their nightmare.
    And since they treat us like criminals, what about those voter drop boxes the commies love so much?

  5. This is a small scale version of a common scam. When John Lott published “More guns, less crime” he did what honest researchers do: provide the underlying data for others to analyze.
    So a pair of pseudo-researchers (I think from CMU) used his data to “prove” the opposite (i.e., “more guns, more crime”). They did so by cherry-picking 15% of Lott’s data and discarding the inconvenient 85%. Lott noticed, and described the scam (naming names, too) in an appendix of the second printing of the book.

  6. Numbers?!?? She don’t got to show you no stinkin numbers!

    New Yorkers will continue to live “by your leave” of their betters or By God there’ll be hell to pay.

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