Quote of the day—Burgess Everett

The group is also planning to bundle $1 million each to a handful of gubernatorial candidates and secretary of state hopefuls, a reflection of the increased focus on top election officials after the still-unfolding fight against false claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Burgess Everett
May 17, 2022
MoveOn plows $30 million into ‘Us vs. MAGA’ campaign
[If there was no fraud, then why do they need increased focus on these election officials who gave us fair and open elections?—Joe]


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  1. The reason that the “fight” is still unfolding, is that suspicious behavior that was swept under the rug earlier is now coming under more scrutiny. Recent court rulings in Pennsylvania, evidence of thousands of illegal voter registrations elsewhere, and the bombshell revelations “mules” showing up in the dead of night to offload crates of ballots – all tend to support the notion that *something* was going on in swing states, and was likely orchestrated. Too bad that we don’t have a select House committee to investigate that – the evidence is far less slim than the supposed facts being tossed about about insurrections.

  2. And not only all that. But who/whom, plows 30 million into politics?
    One small part of politics.
    Stop and think about that. Rich people didn’t get rich by NOT getting a return on their money. Quo bono?
    Imagine the houses, cars, boats, planes. And the good life several people could have on 30 million dollars?
    They buy what instead?
    Elections everyone without an agenda know were stolen.
    Like Oregon mail in voting. Everyone knows Oregon government is nothing more than usurpation.
    Don’t believe? Watch how vicious they react at the suggestion they are usurpers.
    And 30 million is small change these days. When most can’t afford gas.
    Rich people are going to be in deep do-do in this country soon.
    That kind of conspicuous consumption in a land of 100 million pissed off gun owners is not going to work out, least not the way anyone this side of satan is going to enjoy.

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