Quote of the day—sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141

your history in assaulting women, can see why you demand women to be defenseless

sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141
Tweeted on June 6, 2022
[This was in response to a tweet by Andrew Cuomo about supporting gun control.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141

  1. NYC has a history of supporting gun control anyway – for the working stiff, so that the company goons would have less resistance in their daily goonery.

  2. Ouch is right. But he’s a commie. The normal forms of shame don’t have any effect on his sort.
    Glad he’s in New York. What a putz.

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