NOW is time to buy

If you live in or plan to visit Washington state effective July 1, 2022 standard capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds will be illegal to:

manufacture, import, distribute, 22 sell, or offer for sale

Existing magazines in the state can be taken out of the state and then brought back in.

The law has been challenged in court but it is likely to take years to wind it way through the courts and a successful reversal of this unconstitutional law is not guaranteed.

You should seriously consider purchasing all the magazines you expect to need NOW. Here are a few options:


6 thoughts on “NOW is time to buy

  1. While you are at it, you might want to pick up a little extra 62gr green-tip 5.56mm

    Also, pick a mag or two for any gun you think you will be getting soon, if the standard capacity is significantly more than 10, like an FN SP90 (50 rnd), or Kel-Tek CMR30 (30 rounds of 22 WinMag), though all of those are hard to find right now for some reason :-/.

  2. Just like the national ban years ago. All they can do is make them more expensive. A Glock magazine made today, versus a Glock magazine made next year, looks how to the police?
    And with no enforcement mechanism to check on manufactures? No date stamp scheme?
    Yes, it’s a pain in the butt. But just like we found out in So. Oregon. Every Californian on vacation took a little something home with them. And I never had a 60 rnd. surefire mag on sale for more than a couple days to a week max.
    A 30 rnd. Magpul banned magazine. Is a 10 rnd., legal, 458 SOCOM magazine.
    The BS just keeps getting deeper. And the politicians more moronic.
    But imposing a ban on magazines ain’t going to happen.
    Only Joe Biden or someone equally as delusional, senile, and brainwashed, thinks it worked last time.

  3. Gun-related search engines that can look for magazines specifically:
    WikiArms (also can search on UPC code, which is nice.)

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