Quote of the day—Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone

Also, only a bro would be into 3D printing illegal guns. How many more symbolic dick substitions must we endure, ffs? I GET Y’ALL HAVE ANXIETIES. It’ll be ok, see a therapist.

Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone
Tweeted on April 25th 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Childish insults versus SCOTUS decisions. I wonder which will prevail…

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dr Ruth Marshall is Kicking Against the Pricks @wtfis2bdone

  1. ”Childish insults versus SCOTUS decisions. I wonder which will prevail…”

    Childish insults are far easier to understand, and therefore they will prevail. It’s basic economic theory. Childish insults are cheaper, more plentiful and easier to produce or obtain from others. It’s like the difference between acquiring a bag of Skittles or an exquisite five course meal. One can be done in seconds and provides instant gratification, and the other may take all day before you get any benefit from it. And anyway, “What is this; broccoli? I don’t know if I like broccoli. And what is Bourguignon? I don’t understand that word, and it makes me uncomfortable. Just give me the Skittles.”

    When we have to spend time and effort learning things which we’re pretty sure are just going to make us uncomfortable in the long run, and furthermore will stress our social relationships in the process, we’re going to resist such learning, even pretty strenuously, at least at first.

    • And when every official or semiofficial source does the same or implies the same, only critical observers with a solid foundation can resist. Propaganda exists because it works!

      We think that stupid is stupid, but they will get the last laugh and it is us who will languish. And it is not limited to guns – it’s everything.

      One of my pet peeves is the US drought map that shows deserts are in extreme drought. Then the Seattle Times and Inslee says OMG we have disaster due to climate change.

  2. Who says 3D printing of guns is illegal? The same-same people that voted for Joe Biden? (Election day should be combined with Day of the dead holiday.)
    “How many more symbolic dick substitions must we endure.” Answer, you didn’t have to endure any in the first place.
    Like most simple-minded communists, they make shit up in their head. Then get mad at everyone else for their headache.
    Dr. Ruthy seems a very model of projection on this one.
    As for;wtfis2bdone? Best answer is to shut-the-f–k up, while you still can.

    • IN CA and WA, at least, you have to have a piece of metal in the printed frames, but more than a few .slt files with slots to put it in.

  3. Which one will prevail? It depends on what structure our society takes.

    Have you ever noticed that the far left, which is synonymous with the anti-2A cabal, often has a very intermediate school vibe? This is because like 6th graders, they have never really striven for anything. They scoff at guns as an immature interest, while basing their entire lives around the far less mature activity of gossip.

    Almost all men, except for the most effeminate, and probably a substantial majority of women, find such a childish lifestyle to be both morally repugnant and boring. But the far left doesn’t talk to those people, they talk to people like themselves who have clipped their wings. So in their own small minded world, it actually is effective to use dick jokes, because their “men” have nothing else to offer.

    Look, for instance, at the way they covered Robert Francis O’Rourke. The female reporter from Vanity Fair compared him to the Kennedys, which is Middle Aged Cat Lady for “He’s hot and that’ll make him president and I’ll fuck him and that’ll make me Marilyn Monroe TAKE THAT YOU CHRISTOFASCISTS FOR CALLING ME FAT!!!!!!!” Of course, once he got out on the campaign trail, it became clear that he was flawed both as a candidate and as a human being. Her cool rebel called the cops on a Texas legislator who mocked him and practically shit himself when Lauren Boebert got in his face. Her instincts in men, like all her other instincts, led her down the wrong path.

    So to sum it up, if the overall society is based on the normal working class ways, in which one gains acceptance by being competent and being an interesting person, then the dick jokes will fall on deaf ears. If society comes to resemble her own sad, secluded group of pseudofriends, then policy will be set by people who don’t know that a semiautomatic rifle is not a machine gun, but do know that it’s cylindrical like a penis.

  4. Joe: have you seen the latest from Spike Cohen?

    An anti-gunner says: “You only want an AR-15 to compensate for your micropenis!”

    He replies: “Well, I do have an AR-15… and, because of it, you’re now thinking about my penis. Checkmate.”

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