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For easy referral I have created a bit.ly link to my Just One Question post. The link is: http://bit.ly/Justonequestion. This should be easy enough to remember and quickly type into a comment thread or reply to someone on social media.

I realize this takes people down a path where rights are debatable based on practical concerns. But, it also is a quick and easy response to point out the opposition is lying when they claim the solution to “gun violence” is gun restrictions. The general population is not accepting of liars. This is about winning hearts and minds; not being philosophically pure. If you want the philosophical purity aspect add another link or sound bite.

Meet them on what they believe to be their own turf and point out their delusions and/or evil intent to others. Here are some other links all in an easy to use copy and paste paragraph:

Don’t be a science denier.





2 thoughts on “Just one question bit.ly link

  1. Nice!

    Have you looked much at the Active Self Protection YouTube channel? It shows hundreds of actual self defense encounters, and breaks down each one in regards to how the defender did, and what might have been done better, etc. While it’s not a gun rights proselytizing channel per se, it does get the point across that a) bad people are out there, and they do very bad things, and b) it is more than possible to alter their behavior using different methods, often including a firearm.

  2. Well said Joe. Excellent trap. Let’s hope people’s brains see the light of day intellectually. Rather than the preferred method of communism!

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