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Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and Exercise May Reduce Cancer Risk in Older Adults

Engaging in exercise and taking nutritional supplements may reduce the risk of invasive cancer in healthy individuals aged 70 years or older, a new study suggests.

Researchers observed a 61% reduction in the risk of invasive cancer among patients who completed a home exercise program and took vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids daily.

Hmm… that seems like a worthwhile thing to do for the reduced risk.


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  1. People think drug OD is insane at 50 per 100,000? Cancer death in 2019 was down 27%, 200 to 147 per 100,000. Cancer is a giant money maker for the medical/pharma/investment complex. (Cancer is a growth industry? Ya, I know, sick pun, right?)
    As according to Karl Deninger, the leading cause of bankruptcy is medical bills.
    That prescription seems cheap and simple for the benefit.
    Thanks Joe!
    P.S. It was thought early on that cancers were a byproduct of viruses. This idea was crushed. But it was later admitted that the human papillomavirus causes cervical cancer. What gives?
    We just found out that D vitamins were THE ingredient that kept one from going to the hospital with covid. (Dr. Zelenko)
    Like so many things in life. Methinks were not being given the whole truth on this one.

      • Funny! I think that’s what Michael Douglas said he got throat cancer from Catherine Zeta Jones, now that I think of it.
        Boy, what a dilemma. You know it might kill you? Yaaa, we’ll worry ’bout that tomorrow!
        Not some leather betty. But Jones? Ain’t no man going to pass that up. Risk of cancer or no!
        Should have kept on the D/omegas afterwards though.

    • Over the last couple of years of under-employment and piqued interest in diseases, viruses, and treatments both official and “suppressed” or off-label, I’ve come across a large number of articles about cancer and treatments, or rather drugs that have this “oh, hey, it also nukes cancer cells” side effect. They are nearly all primarily seen as anti-parasite drugs that are out of patent (meaning virtually zero potential profit), most famously ivermectin, but also HCQ and fenbendazole. They are not studied because if that use is officially recognized it could cut into tens of BILLIONS of Pharma profits. If I were told had cancer, my first stop would be there, not conventional chemo.

  2. Correlation does not equal causation.

    For example, it just might be that those people who A) Exercise regularly, B) Eat a healthy diet, and C) Take vitamin supplements tend to be much more health-aware (and as a result, healthier) than those who don’t.

    This sounds like one of those “wet sidewalks cause rain” studies.

    • Read the article. Your concerns probably were avoided. The study participants were randomly assigned to one of eight treatment groups.

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