Quote of the day—Cheryl Nash

The Republican road to heaven is paved with a hell on earth they are co-creating.

Cheryl Nash
May 6, 2022
LETTER: Road to heaven?
[Nash should read some history and correct her ignorance.

If it were not such serious business the letter would be laughable. She doesn’t use the word but the policies she advocates for are lure of Marxists. There has never been a clearer proven path to hell on earth than the one she advocates for.

I am not a Republican and can point out numerous faults in their political policies. But, I have not seen any Republican claim to be capable of guiding us down a path to a heaven on earth. But they do seem aware that a path exists to relative individual prosperity and the avoidance of a Marxist hell. This is something Nash would do well to investigate.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Cheryl Nash

  1. That was painful to read. She missed the part about republicans being democratic lackeys for the last 100 years?
    And all playing the loyal opposition to our communist elites?
    Poor Cheryl. I wonder who she’s going to blame being hungry on?

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