3 thoughts on “Too much

  1. Yup. I think thats what alot of Americans are missing about whats going on in Russia right now.
    Russia has already been through the spin cycle of murdering communism. Which it exported to the west under the Soviet system. They have already had insane politicians, and criminal gangs running it’s streets.
    Why would they want to be controlled or threatened by the collapsing empire/train wreck they just went through?
    Putin is KGB. KGB created the moral subversion thats killing western civilization.
    Putin knows better than us whats about to happen in America.
    And appears to be willing to use force to keep it at bay.
    No cookies for communists, or bad capitalist.
    P.S. Add peanut butter, and some coconut to that cookie and it makes really good trail food.

  2. Right. So goes the collectivist logic;
    No one “needs” cookies” after all, do they?
    Logically then, you don’t “need” luxuries at all.
    Next, you don’t “need” “excess” staples for that matter.
    Finally, “We” don’t “need” you at all.
    Therefore you don’t “need” anything whatsoever.
    In summary; just die– You’d be doing the planet (and of course “the common good”) a favor.

  3. Americans have never seen #6. If we are successful, they never will, and will never believe it is possible because the proponents of #6 say all the right things to them.

    As for the others, many commercial cookies seem to have too much sugar in them.

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