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New laws won’t prevent anything, but that doesn’t matter one bit. Logic, statistics, history, or critical thinking have nothing to do with the positions of the anti- gun zealots. You might as well debate religious doctrine with the Westboro Baptist Church or Saudi Religious Police. Lying, manufacturing evidence, and malicious prosecution are all justified as part of the catechism. Responsibility for bad and/or unintended consequences? Fat chance.

Old Jarhead
April 12, 2022
Comment to Sacramento mass killing
[We have evidence of the correctness of the assertion that the lying, manufacturing evidence, and malicious prosecution is true.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Old Jarhead

  1. That and the goal isn’t to prevent crime in the first place. The goal is to disarm the law abiding.

  2. No, I’m pretty sure you’d get considerably more logical consistency and literature support for the Westboro church positions than for the gun control talking points, nearly all of which are observably false in real-time on the present day.

    • And for like, ever.
      The real problem is no one ever forces them to admit the real reasoning behind their actions.
      We have to wait and be civilized about everything. (Until we have no civilization left.) Even though their lying. We know their lying. They know, that we know, they are lying. And we know, what they know, is that the only way to stop them from lying is to forcibly shut them up.
      So they make that illegal.
      And yet no one ever calls them bullshit , murdering, liars to their face.
      We don’t know them by their fruit yet? ( speaking to those in power of course.)

  3. This is obviously a fake account. None less than the great war hero David Frum has proclaimed heroically from behind his computer screen that all gun owners are cowards and that none of us ever served in the military.

  4. That’s because “Gun Control” has NOTHING AT ALL to do with guns, crime or safety. It’s ONLY about the ONE THING that leftists and most politicians give a rats ass about. CONTROL!

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