Quote of the day—Savi @SavionWinter

Oh and for the record, every gun worshipper who shows up in my notifications will be banned. Take note, gun worshippers are too stupid to even try to talk to. They don’t even realize how unhinged and uneducated they are. BORING.

Savi @SavionWinter
Tweeted on April 9, 2022
[Oh, and for the record, this person doesn’t have an account anymore.


I wonder if this tweet from March 29th had something to do with it:

My daughter just said we should sacrifice the richest person and redistribute their wealth.  Every year, whoever has the most money will die.  That would see a lot of rich people giving money away wouldn’t it?  LOL

Just remember, this is what they think of you. They want you dead and they will laugh about it.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Savi @SavionWinter

  1. We can only hope she’s not been bored to death in a gun-free zone, by some protected class vibrant.
    May it live long enough to see the error of its ways. Even though it must be hell living in such a guarded reality.

  2. Someones been watching The Purge too much.😂
    Drugs are bad, mmmkay😉

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