Quote of the day—Tom Gresham @Guntalk

Gun banner thinking. “All criminals were once law abiding.  Therefore, all law abiders must be treated as criminals.”

Tom Gresham @Guntalk
Tweeted on April 4, 2022
[That is a reasonable hypothesis and almost certainly true for some gun banners. Others are just evil liars and will say things like this because they know their simple minded followers will latch onto the stupidity of the statement as if it were a revelation.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Gresham @Guntalk

  1. I suspect a tiny fraction are indeed that stupid, but on the available evidence, I think most are in fact malicious.

  2. OK, I’m down with that. I love stereo-typing people.
    From now on their all communist pedo-groomers. No matter who or where. Spout some gun control crap and your a groomer from then on.
    And as for being a criminal? Of course I am. The only difference is I’m willing to admit it. (One peak into a legal library will tell you we all are. For a reason.)
    We need an assault weapons ban! No, we need to hang GROOMERS!

  3. This is the ultimate antithesis of the American fundamental, “Innocent until proven guilty”. To a (Romish) leftist, there’s no room for that fundamental whatsoever, and so the new fundamental becomes, “Proven guilty. Whether innocent or not at the moment is irrelevant”.

    We’ve all heard the (Romish) leftist assertion, “Everyone is guilty of something”, and of course it’s true. Therefore, those of the (Romish) leftist/Marxist/communist/socialist/collectivist/anti-Reformation, anti-libertarian, pro-authoritarian mindset have been able to murder, systematically and methodically, millions and millions of their fellow countrymen while believing that they’re doing the world (and in some cases even “god”) a favor.

    It’s the mind of Cain, but few today will allow themselves to understand such things anymore because the greater implications are most inconvenient. If we fully understood it, and grasped its broader implications, we’d understand the entire history of world, which you would think would be awesome, but at the same time we’d have to abandon just about everything in which we currently have our hopes, dreams and even our identities, invested. Therefore, when it comes down to where the proverbial rubber meets the road, to the brass tacks, most of us will side with the enemy and rationalize it. We’ll fight, and kill, and die, sure, but we’ll do so as merely one aspect of the enemy fighting another aspect of the enemy, in what amounts to a pre-written, even choreographed, theatrical performance.

  4. Many years ago, UBU52, right here on this blog, made the same assertion. This was the first place I ever heard it. She (he, it) took the reasoning further however. She (he, it) went on to point out that the law abiders should be under MORE suspicion and MORE scrutiny than the known law breakers, the reason being that we already know who the criminals are and we are already watching them. We keep our guard up around known criminals. The law abiding on the other hand can operate more clandestinely because we don’t suspect them. They can thereby move about more freely, acquire guns and all manner of assets more easily, and can then snap out of abiding mode into criminal mode at any time, unpredictably.

    Thus, goes the argument, that friendly old lady at the quilting shop, or that nice old Post Office worker, who has never committed so much as a parking violation and is thus trusted implicitly by all, can suddenly become an “Agent Smith” and wreak havoc with far more deadly consequences than some dude with a criminal record whom we already suspect and watch out for.

    And the (Romish) leftists will, universally and automatically, love this sort of argument because it grants them carte blanche to impose their authoritarian fantasies on the entire world.

    The globalcoolingoopsglobalwarmingoopswhatthehellclimatechange agenda is born of this same kind of thinking;
    It is OK to control, threaten, demoralize, disincentivize, persecute, rob, murder, et al, on the wholesale level because mankind is a plague upon the earth anyway— People don’t deserve to breathe, much less be treated with respect, much less love (John 3:16 and the Ten Commandments notwithstanding). It is therefore an entirely anti-Christ agenda. The pope, by the way, has written an entire encyclical supporting and adoring it, and demanding it, which I’ve linked from here several times already.

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