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Bad guys might carry a gun without a permit!” is just an idiotic argument. Bad guys already carry guns without permits, because they’re bad guys. They don’t care about gun carry permits any more than they care about robbery or murder permits. That’s how you know they’re the bad guys. The permit process, no matter how streamlined, is only an impediment to lawful citizens who’d like a chance to shoot back.

March 22, 2022
Constitutional Carry in Indiana
[There is something many people don’t know. If someone asks you to justify your actions and you confidently answer it with nonsense most of the time it will be accepted. It’s only if you are silent, or fumble for words, that they will follow up and press you to give them a decent answer. This is what the anti-gun people frequently do, whether it is from training, because their heads are filled with nonsense, or both, I just don’t know. This is just another example.—Joe]


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  1. Doesn’t matter. It’s no one’s business but mine. That’s the real problem. Everyone thinks they have a right to know….Whatever. They don’t.
    It’s a human right. A personal choice. Got nothing to do with what people think, feel, or say, or laws they pass.
    And it always come down to how the question is being asked. If someone politely asked about firearms, and the bearing thereof.
    I would say it’s a human right, and a personal choice.
    To a bellicose communist?
    With a friendly smile. “Thats none of your f–king business.”

    • To people who want to control you, who seek power, everything you do is their business. It is all about leverage, splitting people and groups into atomized and powerless or bickering sub-units, and information and disinformation are vital to that. Every empire of significance got very good at that. Rome with the Germanic and other tribes. The British all over the world, particularly the new world Indian tribes. The Mongols and Persians and Aztecs all the minor surrounding kings, etc. Find a division and exploit it, make it worse. If there isn’t one, make one.

  2. Indeed. They already carry. Why is the body count so high every weekend in Chicago and (now) Los Angeles and elsewhere? Would a permit do anything except ensure their prey does not shoot back? If the permits are so powerful, why not revoke the permits of the gangsters who are doing the shooting? (Deer in headlights moment) Oh, that’s right, criminals don’t get permits, so they have to move to arguing that if you didn’t buy guns and allow straw purchases the guns would not go into the hunting preserve that Chicago has become. That argument is essentially, if you didn’t have something to steal, they wouldn’t steal from you and theft would go down.

    The permits and the forms to buy a gun are only effective against the non-criminal. The criminal cannot be prosecuted for a false statement due to the Fifth Amendment. Any errors on the DROS or 4473 are only prosecutable offenses if the defendant was not there because of some “Real Crime” (Malum in Se, bad in itself, to quote legal Latin). Any other time the violation is included in the complaint, it’s booted as a Fifth Amendment violation.

    The Totalitarians will say, “but you could still be killed or injured.” No kidding. There’s no guarantee of anything. There used to be a concept called, “A fighting chance.” Americans for decades wanted at least “A fighting chance.” A non-zero probability of success. Constitutional Carry provides that fighting chance.

  3. ”The permit process, no matter how streamlined, is only an impediment to lawful citizens who’d like a chance to shoot back.”
    Yes, and herein we may begin to comprehend the one and only purpose of gun restrictions. In a world ruled by liars, rebels, and outlaws, the lawful, faithful citizen is the primary threat, indeed the only threat, to the system.

    Your earthly rulers don’t fear the common criminal. They fear you. And they hate you. So they’re in a conundrum. They can’t attack the law-abiding for being law-abiding, or the faithful for being faithful. That would be too obvious, so they have no choice but to lie about us, blaming all crime, racism, poverty (everything they do), and even bad weather, on us!

    Some study in order to understand the full meaning of the mark of Cain is therefore in order. And then there’s this, for those who understand the context;
    “But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
    “For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.”
    (emphasis mine)

  4. People addicted to control over others will always seek a rationalization to exercise control over others. They are addicted to power and control of other people. It’s a major motivator for them seeking political office. Trying to reason with these people is pointless. They operate emotionally, not rationally. If they don’t get what they want they become upset, this makes them even more immune to reason. You don’t
    argue with mental midgets. It’s a pointless waste of time.

  5. I approve of this but gun free zones are a lot bigger problem. They are especially a problem where states have outsourced law-making to private parties by establishing criminal penalties for carrying past their signs.

  6. I think that “permits” half made sense in an era when police were actively searching for illegally carried guns, and the local or Federal authorities were prosecuting the “prohibited persons” who were discovered. Now, with no prosecutions of the “prohibited”, the permit system just disarms the victims. So, now, only “Constitutional Carry” makes sense.

    • Which is what we told them would happen in the first place.
      “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” is from the 60’s.
      Permits never made sense. Ever.

      • Quite apart from the fact that they never made sense, they also always were unconstitutional.

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