Quote of the day—Brad Raffensperger

We need to get a subpoena for the fella who this John Doe is. Was he paid? How much was he paid? And then who paid him. And we’re going to follow the money, and we’re going get to the bottom of it. And we’re going to prosecute this, if we find that there’s substance to it.

Brad Raffensperger
Georgia Secretary of State
March 20, 2022
Georgia ballot harvesting probe advances as state elections board approves subpoena
[I wish them well, but I suspect they will not make much progress.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brad Raffensperger

  1. WTF???? This guy taking lessons from Durham or what? Just watching things get shut in the middle of the night. Watching the extra ballots come out from under the table. And Trumps lead evaporate by magic wasn’t enough???
    Were about to get nuked to cover up the plan-demic and reset the world credit overload.
    And this clown is going after a ballot harvester? And 20 years from now after an exhaustive, 40 million dollar investigation, were going to make sure somebody gets probation, damn it!
    What a F–KING JOKE!

    • Not probation, a “Private Letter of Reproval”, although admittedly, that is if the fall guy is a lawyer.

  2. For the non-Georgians, Raffensperger is the crook who ENABLED illegal dropboxes to begin with. He’s the guy who claimed the were no irregularities in Fulton, Dekalb, of Cobb counties. He’s the guy who sent agents to Coffee County to threaten election officials with arrest when they reported being unable to come up with the same vote totals that the Dominion system reported for election night. He’s the same guy who stalled even this much for months after he was given the dropbox/harvesting data.

    He’s the guy who knows he’ll be going to prison, too, if official notice ever gets taken of all this.

  3. For the non-Georgians, this is standard “In your face corruption whattaya gonna do about it?” Politics.

  4. One may respond with a single word: “If”.

    “If” “We” “Find” that there’s substance to it.

    In a world that operates on lies, all actions and all statements are designed to avoid, misrepresent, mock, distract from, and hide, or impugn, the truth.

    In a world run by liars, upholding the truth is a seditious act. It makes you an enemy of the state. It is heresy against doctrine, it is counter to “The Common Good”, and even “terrorism”. When one of the liars launches an “investigation” into voter irregularities, it is to prevent the truth from coming out while pretending to want to find it. He’s doing it so you won’t. It is the mob “investigating” itself, and whether or not it results in the fingering of a scapegoat is irrelevant, and what happens to said scapegoat is irrelevant. What is paramount in all of it is that the truth never be made public. Remember that we re talking about a group, one of whose operating mottos is Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos) and one of their classic symbols is the finger over the lips as if to say “shhhhh”.

    But we’ve been trained to believe that a conspiracy is, by definition, something that isn’t real, and that anyone who speaks of, or hints at, a conspiracy is therefore either imagining the whole thing or making it up out of malice. We are to believe that no group of people ever works together in secret for a nefarious cause except in the imaginations and fever-dreams, or lies, of crazy and/or stupid and/or evil people. Therefore the very concept of any sort of organized election fraud is, by definition, both impossible and insane. And even if we don’t accept our psychological conditioning in this regard we’ll often act as though we do, and that works just the same. Forehead OR the hand, remember.

  5. Any evidence of the fraud that could be destroyed has been destroyed. This is just more political grandstanding. More of the same old kabuki theatre of BS by someone seeking votes/power/relevance.

  6. Comrade kommissar Raffensberger?
    The CCP gets a hefty ROI from this fellow traveler.
    Maybe they will land at Savannah one day and build the workers utopia.

    • Yes, for a reasonable price they find they cannot hope to meet, and foreclosure happens. The UCC Form 1 will be in perfect order, the creditor will be a private corporation, not a foreign government, the foreclosure will proceed perfectly according to the UCC Code, and the new owners will apply to the Federal government for contracts, and will qualify as a minority owned business.
      As the Emperor says, “All is proceeding according to my plan.”

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