Quote of the day—sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141


Like those who demand women, BIPOC, Ethnic, & LGBTQ+ communities to be forcibly disarmed. Unable to protect themselves.

Oh wait…

that is @washdems to #wastate Women, BIPOC, Ethic, & LGBTQ+ communities

#waleg #wapolitics #wa2A #wcraimage


sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141
Tweeted on February 27, 2022
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—sacrebleu14 / SA Hinchcliffe @sacrebleu141

  1. For the first picture, I would say both.
    As for the second, making a choice isn’t the problem. Defending it is.
    Any government that would disarm its population can no longer call itself democratic.
    Any politician that refuses to safeguard its population’s right to self-defense is committing treason. 2A is just written confirmation of it. And a warning to all.

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