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If I were a Washington State resident I’d be online this morning, ordering at least 100 magazines for a modern rifle (AR) as well as other standard capacity mags. The governor will sign the mag ban passed by the legislature.

Me (some time ago) with my grandson:



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  1. Tom is way behind the power curve.
    I see the grandson’s mags, where are yours, Joe? 🙂

  2. We’ve had a similar law in Maryland for years but without the “illegal to buy them out of state and bring them back” part as possession is not prohibited. So I routinely go to a gun show in Virginia and come back with a backpack full of magazines I can’t get here. There’s a dealer who has a steel bin six feet high filled with MagPuls at really good prices. I have new magazines in storage still in the shrink wrap.

    Glad I never moved to WA state when I had the chance. I did not plan on MD and I am here out of compromise. I will not be here much longer. I’m moving in preparation for retirement and one of the requirements is a place where my rights exist.

    The photo is cute but I have more magazines than that in cold storage. I have at least that many at immediate availability and a lot of those are loaded. I wanted one combat load worth of magazines per rifle. You’d be amazed how many aluminum 30 rounders you can pack into an oversize ammo can.

    I don’t give out numbers but it isn’t a secret I keep standard capacity magazines as perishable items. Literally a “Give me $100 worth” as I walk by the dealer.

    • Knowing Joe, that’s just an example of a casual afternoon purchase.

      Interesting thought though – if you own 12 round mags and leave the state with them – when you come back are you “importing” them? Since you are acquiring then out of state I assume not.

      • I can’t speak to Washington but the MD law does not have an “importing” clause. This is the entire law:

        (b) Prohibited. — A person may not manufacture, sell, offer for sale, purchase, receive, or transfer a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition for a firearm.

        This only applies in the state. I can’t purchase a standard capacity magazine here but the law does not bar me from doing so elsewhere. Law is mute on possession and there have been no court cases or MSP regulations/guidance contradicting that.

        I leave and return routinely with standard capacity magazines. I’ve shown up at Maryland ranges with 30 round magazines and not even a glance. Perfectly legal.

        And yes, I agree that the stack would be an afternoon for Joe. But then again those of us who show up at Boomershoot aren’t representative of the “average” gun owner to a lot of people. Especially for the High Intensity event. We look like we’ve walked out a patrol in Afghanistan and preparing for some CQB: Close Quarters Boomers.

        I still have mud stains in my rifle case from the last time. This time I will close the case beforehand.

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