18 thoughts on “New Washington State gun law

  1. Did they amend out the sections about having to carry LC mags unloaded and locked up?

    Sorry, when my pistol or rifle are loaded and on a gun, they are “in use”.

  2. I’m sure this *should* be overturned in the courts as it clearly violates Article 24 of the WA constitution. Whether it will be or not is another matter.

    Well, shozbot. Might have to run.

  3. So as an out of state competitor, I’m not allowed to bring my normal mags to the match?

      • which of course every reasonable competitor, knowing someone in state who will keep them safe for them and bring them to the match they will both be attending, will do.

  4. Dammit, but it appears at least they dropped the ridiculous parts in the first version about “safe” storage, transport, and only use an a “licensed” range (there is no such thing in WA state). Can anyone confirm?

  5. As long as the criminals in power suffer no personal consequences for violating your rights they will continue to do so. The ONLY rights you truly have are the ones you are willing to fight for, die for and most importantly KILL FOR. The commie left knows this….which is why they continue to ignore our rights.

  6. Please STOP using their terms for normal capacity magazines. They win when you default to calling them Large Capacity.
    Call the new law requires neutered magazines or infringed magazines. Or find a catchy slang that 20 yo will understand.

  7. For the individual it’s all academic. It would be almost impossible to prove in court where someone got a magazine.
    And a 30 rnd., 5.56 mag, is just a 10 rnd., 458 SOCOM mag.
    Also, putting a rubber hose in the front of a 30 rnd. mag can limit it to whatever round count a person wants. Works just like a shotgun plug that has been excepted by states and fish & game for years.
    The politicians aren’t even trying to control the street criminals as it is. So why would the three-brain cells the government is using collectively, come up with such ignorance?
    It shuts down the industry. Which is the real plan. That and a big F–k you to anyone that has 4 brain cells left.
    The main thing to remember is that any cop that would enforce this is in violation of the 2A. And is no longer a cop. There all not-with-standing.

  8. Remember, folks, being convicted of a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty (not necessarily your actual penalty, mind you) of $1,000 or 1 year in jail means it’s a federal violation, revoking your right to own firearms for life.

    • I can’t find anything to back up that statement. Do you have a link to any info on it?

      • I have a vague recollection that a crime that carries a possible 1 year or more jail term is treated by the feds as a felony conviction in certain categories, even if the state label is a misdemeanor.

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