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Seattle’s popular Piroshky Piroshky Bakery is closing its Third Avenue location in downtown “until further notice” over “countless safety concerns.”

Following a fatal shooting Sunday afternoon at Third Avenue and Pine Street, the bakery sent a series of tweets detailing problems with crime in the area. The shooting on Sunday was the third in the area in a month, according to the bakery.

KING 5 Staff
February 27, 2022
Piroshky Piroshky closing downtown Seattle location over ‘countless safety concerns’
[This is Mug Me Street in Seattle. If you look at the picture at the top of the article you will see the McDonald’s store which is ground zero of Mug Me Street. My boss, a former Seattle cop, recently told me a story of his undercover coworker shooting a drug dealer in that store several years ago when a drug deal went sour.

Defunding the police is working just as expected.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Ya well Blackrock isn’t interested in buying downtown prime real estate with thriving businesses on it. That would cost to much.
    But I do love piroshkies. Especially the sausage ones! Sad seeing good folks getting run out though.

  2. “Criminals are People Too” should be a trademark. It would be “unfair” to single out criminals for harassment and prosecution and let everyone else get off Scott free. That’s profiling, right there.

    And yeah, maybe MTHead is on to something. If your dear leaders want to end up owning downtown Seattle, is there a better way to get it cheap than to spend some time de-valuing that real estate, and is there a better way to get rid of the current occupants than to “nudge” them into moving out on their own? It seems to be working in California too. Get rid of the principled and the productive, and you can basically own the place from then on, and do with it whatever you will.

    And this reminds me of the Babylon Bee (Fake News You Can Trust) article, Conservatives Boldly Fight Leftist Takeover Of Their States By Running Away To Other States;

  3. I lived in Crown Hill from ’78 to ’79, Lacy/Olympia/Tumwater ’79 to ’84, Pill Hill from ’84 – ’95, and in Ballard from ’95 to 2000, Black Diamond from 2000 to 2003, then in Kenmore until 2019 – I visited downtown a lot during most of that . I remember what it used to be like.

    The last 5 or so years I refused to go downtown. It’s a tragedy what has happened to that city.

    I’m happier in Montana. Probably would be just as happy in Idaho, but that’s not the way it turned out.


  4. “Conservatives Boldly Fight Leftist Takeover Of Their States By Running Away To Other States;”

    While saving the ship is, and should be, a priority, there comes a time when rationality prevails and one must abandon the pumps and head for the lifeboats; one earns no extra points by following the ship to the bottom.

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