Signs of the times

I saw these on the wall of a U-Haul store:



They are a little too close to the truth.


7 thoughts on “Signs of the times

  1. How long before the media claims the war wagon picture comes from Ukraine.

  2. Unfortunately, they don’t need a U-haul for that bullshit liberal (communist) attitude with them.
    The rest of the country needs to get ready for onslaught of, legalize drugs! we need to help the homeless! our schools need all your money! (for drag queen story hour).
    Get ready to have junkies, thieves, hookers, and homeless shitting in your yard. While a cop writes you a $300 ticket for your grass being to tall. Or forgetting your seatbelt.
    Ya, he’s salesman of the year. Hitler was a good travel agent to.

  3. You also have to watch where you wind up. Leaving a blue state to a blue city isn’t a guarantee of better outcomes in moving.,Austin%20Police%20Academy%20graduate's%20U%2DHaul%20stolen,night%20moving%20into%20South%20Austin&text=APA%20President%20Ken%20Casaday%20said,stolen%20overnight%20in%20South%20Austin.%22

    The irony of a police recruit in Austin, TX getting his U-Haul stolen lost on some people.

    You want to move to escape Californication, you have to go where it isn’t.

    • Yes, do be careful but it is difficult to distinguish refugees from Blue areas from colonists from blue areas.

      On a related note, why is no one calling out the media for the flip of Red and Blue being assigned to conservative or liberal parties? When colors were first used during the campaign when Ronald Reagan was first elected, Republicans were identified as Blue and Democrats as Red. The dominant color in all Democrat publications and symbols was, and still is Red. After getting whooped up on for two election cycles, the media must have had a focus group tell them that Blue is more calming and appealing so now Republicans have an additional negative attached.

  4. Being from California, is the Uhaul hybrid or pure electric?
    Or since they are leaving, it could be diesel or coal fired steam engine.
    Your mileage may vary.

  5. I’m told a one way rental out of CA cost about 5x what it cost going into CA. They have to ship them back into the state, since so few are moving in.

  6. We moved the very week that ‘two weeks to flatten the curve” dropped.
    We looked into renting a U-haul. It was cheaper to have a small(veteran owned),Boise area, company move it for us twice! First move as all shop equipment, books, yard furniture, etc. second was everything left after our Bay Area home sold.
    To boot, we were given three months of free storage until we found a place to live.

    The amount of California refugees up here is staggering.

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