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Proponents of these laws, and especially the gun control initiatives passed in recent years, sold the public a bill of goods, and now everybody knows it. Voters were told in 2014 that Initiative 594 would reduce gun-related violence, and today’s data proves they were misled. Four years later, the Seattle-based gun prohibition lobby promised Initiative 1639 would prevent gun-related homicides, and they lied again. In Olympia, anti-gun politicians are pushing more gun restrictions right now, with the same promises.

The billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobby and their allies in Olympia claim that so-called ‘gun violence’ is an epidemic. Frankly, the intellectual dishonesty of the gun control crowd is the real public health crisis.

Alan Gottlieb
CCRKBA Chairman
January 31, 2022
[Hmmm… I’m not sure this is true. Can evil people be a “public health crisis”? It’s at least a little bit twisted in the mixing of metaphors, so to speak.

At the higher levels the anti-gun people know restrictions on access to firearms won’t make the general public safer. You can go back for at least 25 years and listen carefully to the speeches by President Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Diana Feinstein, and the media releases by Handgun Control Inc, The Brady Campaign, etc., etc. Typically they word things very carefully such that they usually don’t actually lie with statements about increased restrictions on firearm ownership and use being a net win for public safety. They knew then and they know now that the real reason for the increased restrictions has nothing to do with public safety. They will imply public safety is the reason but they almost never say it.

There have even been cases where they come right out and say they know it. In his book Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy page 107. Dennis A. Henigan wrote:

I am not arguing here that higher rates of gun ownership cause higher rates of crime, violent crime, or homicide. Such causation is difficult to show because so many other factors bear on the incidence of crime. For instance, simple cross-national comparisons of gun availability and crime do not control for the degree to which various countries impose legal restrictions on firearms. It also is difficult to sort out whether high levels of gun ownership lead to high crime rates or whether high crime rates lead to high levels of gun ownership.

Henigan was a HCI and/or Brady Campaign lawyer for years. And he was even acting president for a while. He admits gun ownership rates appear to be uncorrelated with crime rates.

Most of these people are not ignorant or stupid. They are evil.—Joe]


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  1. Crime prevention is not the goal of gun control. The actual goal is citizen disarmament making us vulnerable to abuse by the criminal class and eventually government.

  2. “Most of these people are not ignorant or stupid. They are evil.”
    I always struggle with that. How seemingly intelligent people can come up with and defend some of dumbest shit-think ever invented. For an evil always ends badly.
    So what’s the big attraction?
    It seems that being irrelevant is their greatest fear? Even though they truly don’t want the attention their earning. (Hanging from a lamppost.)
    Yaa, I guess it’s like trying to understand women and engineers. Once you do, you die.

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  4. Gottlieb is throwing the “public health” moniker back into the faces of the authoritarians, who own it and use it against us. He’s letting them know that he’s on to their game. The Romish left uses it frequently, knowing that we’ve already ceded oversight of the medical professions, and any authority they ever had, to government Therefore, if it can be parlayed into a “public health crisis” the left will do so because they already control so-called “health care” and possess the authority which goes along with it. The Nazis (national socialists) did it quite effectively in the 1930s and ‘40s with their “racial hygiene” programs with great success (millions were slaughtered), and today’s collectivist Romish authoritarians, being of the same parent mindset, are merely piggy-backing on that former success. For what is “public health” but a slight variation of “racial hygiene”? and if one label falls out of favor they’ll come up with another, having the same meaning.

    They’re already taking it to the ultimate extreme in the form of their most excellent “climate change” narrative. In that narrative, human liberty and prosperity are threatening the very survival of the human race, and even the entire planet’s biosphere. Therefore if you oppose the Romish authoritarians, you are a threat, not only to “public health” but to the very survival of life on Earth! It’s genius! We could call it “global hygiene”, no? And of course much of the world eats up that narrative hungrily, and will therefore not shed a tear if a significant portion of the human population has to be done away with, by hook or by crook, to “save our beloved planet”.

    And so part of the struggle, a serious difficulty when it comes to reconnoitering, seeing and comprehending the nature of the tactical landscape of the world around us, is in recognizing what evil is and how it does what it does, and why. We could spend a lifetime studying all of this, but it can be summed up reasonably well in two words: pride and avarice. Most people would like to be the ruler of the world. It’s what satan offered to Jesus (and it was indeed his to offer, but that’s another part of this sad story). Short of being ruler or the prince of the world, most people would like to be friends with the prince of the world, or at least to be in his good graces;

    “…and all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3

    And this is why the shills, hucksters, whores, Jesuits and hustlers among the left (including the RINOs, fraternities and conservative punditry), will say obviously ridiculous, “dumb”, “stupid” or “insane” things which we know on the surface are lies. It’s why they’ll even dance very close to the truth on occasion, when it suits their purpose, making a big show of mocking the truth, but they’ll never quite actually touch it. They dare not touch the truth! They’re all striving to be in the good graces of the prince of the world, in exchange for some little piece of his power, title, station, jurisdiction and authority, and for the recognition, wealth and glory which go along with it. In short: pride and avarice.

    On the other side of that is their fear, which is another sermon. Suffice it to say that all leftists have a false carrot in front of them and a false stick behind them. Thus is their motivation and their entrapment.

    If we want to define “public health” as the peace, liberty and prosperity of society under mutual love and respect, which God intends, then, for sure the presence of evil, and the emerging organization of the servants of evil into a universal church-state system, is a “public health crisis” because it opposes all of the those things. It is the abomination of desolation, sold to us as love, strength, beauty and ”enlightenment”. But its very inception has been pride, jealousy, envy, greed, lust, hatred, and opposition to God’s perfect law, resulting in mass destruction and death.

    ”Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”. Ephesians 5:11

    “But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” . James 1:25

    “So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.” . James 2:12

  5. To the leftists behind virtually ALL the ‘gun grabbing” schemes there is no such thing as a lie… if THEY tell it. They only have ONE RULE. Win. By any means necessary. Lying is not a lie to them. It’s just another tool to be used to achieve their agenda.

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