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There have been many, many statements to the effect that gun owners, so-called “constitutionalists” (spoken as an epithet), libertarians, et al (any of a generally pro-liberty, anti-authoritarian mind) are essentially vermin, heretics who deserve no rights unless they recant. And so while they’re saying we MUST trust liars and power-hungry psychopaths in government, who hate us, to “keep us safe”, they’re simultaneously saying that we’re the problem the world needs to get rid of in order to be safe (“safe” meaning “free from opposition”).

History proves beyond all doubt that if you comply and turn in your guns they’ll not stop hating and accusing you. They’ll persecute you all the more. More because you’re not only an enemy of their beautiful alliance, you’ve now proven yourself to be weak, manipulated via lies, unable to stand on your own principles, a coward, and therefore all the more contemptible! Compliance with liars and criminal psychopaths is like chum in the water— It attracts a feeding frenzy among the sharks. It ONLY leads to more contempt and more violations!

January 11, 2022
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[This reminds me of something I learned (the hard way) from dealing with people with personality disorders. You must draw a line and provide consequences for misbehavior which transgress that line. If you do not you will end up in an abusive relationship.—Joe]


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    • Thanks.

      I have no idea how that happened. I have been working long hours and getting only four to six hours of sleep each day but still…

      • ….getting only four to six hours of sleep each day.

        I’ve been there myself, A little of that goes a long way, and it was bad even when I was 30+ years younger during GW1.

        Shorting yourself on sleep can, and will, result in worser problems than this tiny one.

    • Yeah, it would be better said in the past than in the future, but all we can do is to settle for the present!

  1. Spot on Lyle! One should never be afraid to, “Stick to your guns.” The only thing one needs to prove to the commies is what a good shot you are.
    (They don’t seem to understand anything else in my estimation.)

  2. “They hate you and want you dead”

    They hate all gun owners and want nothing less than the complete and total ban of all gun ownership and the mandated extermination of every single gun owner in the United States. They know the guns are in the way which is why the want to ban them.

    The hate and want to exterminate every solitary United States citizen that voted for Trump.

    They hate and want to exterminate every single American citizen that is registered as a Republican or voted Republican at all.

    And not only that but they also desire the extermination of all human life in the United States that would be against killing any of those groups that are not a part of those groups. So every non-gun owner that is against killing gun owners, every registered independent and Democrat that opposes killing Republicans, every single person that did not vote for Trump but opposes killing Trump voters? All of them should be killed as well.

    They want this. Even if it means having to kill every human being in the country minus themselves that is acceptable. It is good and righteous and totally justified to them. Even if they have to deploy all 6,000 nuclear warheads to do it. Because to the left killing 320 million American citizens is preferable and a justifiable course of action to bring about gun free liberal utopia we’re only liberals and far leftists exist. Method and body count be damned.

    It sounds insane because it is. I am just bringing it to its natural extreme logical conclusion based upon how they think and act and say. Because the opposition is that insane and hate filled. To them all human life on earth that does not submit to them or is them is unworthy of life and if humanity as a species refuses them the literal extinction of the human race is a better outcome.

  3. “I learned (the hard way) from dealing with people with personality disorders. You must draw a line and provide consequences for misbehavior which transgress that line. If you do not you will end up in an abusive relationship.”

    Yes! This is as true in every-day, personal relationships as it is in global politics.

    Of course our principles must be the right ones or none of this helps in the long run. The Decalogue is our proper guide. Exodus 20, KJV See also James 1:25 and 2:12, KJV

  4. Speaking of sticking your our guns, there’s a bunch of anti-gun bills up for committee in the Washington Senate tomorrow (1/17/2022) at 9:30am. It’s the usual suspects and their usual chicanery. House committee on anti-gun laws was earlier today.

    Naturally, we’re all busy people with real lives and productive jobs, so showing up in person is a burden, especially under (intentional?) short notice.

    Washington residents can still register their Pro/Con on the bills for the official legislative record at the following links:

    WA Senate Committee

    WA House Committee

    If you want to do more and offer remote testimony, that’s up to you. It takes little time to at least cast a “CON” on the proposals.

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