Quote of the day—Michael Shellenberger

There’s just a lot of progressive buyer’s remorse right now.

Michael Shellenberger
December 16, 2021
Urban liberals rethink guns and policing amid crime spike on their doorstep
[But will this result in ‘progressive’ politicians being introduced to tar, feathers, and one-way tickets out of town on wooden rails? I’m inclined to go with public trials. But with the current administration in Washington that will not be happening so unless the supply chain for tar, feathers, and rails is broken the tar and feathers route is the most likely, while still extremely improbable.

Noting short of something of similar magnitude will allow us to recover the free exercise of our rights via a legislative path. I’m still betting on the courts.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Shellenberger

  1. Nothing will happen to them except they will somewhat change their stripes and words to stay in power, but they will never admit that they were wrong.

    Others meeting their definition of wrong think will still be canceled. Others meeting their definition of white privilege will still be canceled. Others possessing their definition of dangerous weapons will still be canceled.

    Collectivism will continue.

    In many ways little will change. We will, however, move to a virtual world for more and more of our interactions. In the new metaverse we will have nothing and be happy if we comply with their rules. Otherwise you will be canceled and denied access to everything of value automatically. That’s the only force they think that they will need.

    Life outside the metaverse for the canceled initially will be short and brutal, but I would expect that an alternate culture will develop that will provide the basics of life for the canceled. Perhaps like today’s gangs, the untouchables of India, or the barbarians in Roman times. The possibilities are endless.

    • Hmmm… the Cancelled Yakuza. The Deplorable Mafia. The Triggering Tong.

      They’ll having their own banking, property records, insurance and courts. Piggy-back a hidden internet on the mainstream one. Run underground bars and restaurants that don’t have the mandatory listening devices for wrongspeech. Operate un-woke schools that actually teach children how to do math and recognize the actual scientific method as opposed to religious Science™. Re-flash smartphones with alternate operating systems that don’t include the normal backdoors, and eventually just clandestinely manufacture alternative smartphone hardware. Same with wifi routers: a little custom code in the DD-WRT and you can make point-to-point VPN connections to get into the distributed Deploriweb. The collectivist politicians can make all the laws they want, but how do they enforce them when every underpaid cop and soldier knows that if they want good health care for their family, they go to the illegal medical clinics within the false front legitimate brothels run by Deplorables.

      What are law-abiding people to do when the ‘government’ makes the law un-abideable?

      • All good. And never forget that their whole meta-verse is based on electricity? Which will always come from urban areas.
        That and food supplies.
        War and civilization are always about logistics and supply lines.

  2. And now we understand why they kill the useful idiots first?
    And as Chet alluded to. Who says they wouldn’t turn them over when it was demanded of them? As they did in every communist take-over.
    The only good thing is their make my stuff more valuable. What’s a box of 9 up to?

  3. Anyone ‘betting on the courts’ is a fool. They have been totally infiltrated and corrupted just as thoroughly as the media, academia and most recently the Military Command structure. TINVOWOOT… the courts aren’t going to rescue us and nobody else is either.. This ends one of two ways…..the left wins completely and we..or those who they don’t murder….are enslaved or we start killing them wholesale.

    • Maybe. But the Heller (2008) and Mc Donald (2010) cases made significant improvements. What recent evidence do you have for your solution?

      When you can deliver the evidence, I’ll consider changing my bets. That doesn’t mean I’m not putting all my chips in on the courts. It just means that’s where I’m placing my current bets.

  4. Nice attitude, but you assume that “normies” will still be functional after they are done with their RNA potions. The violent crime isn’t natural to the perpetrators. It is the result of our “systemic racism”. They honestly believe that the world will be all peace and harmony when the working “Whites” are disabled by the RNA potions that they are demanding that the “normies” all take. Note that the Illegal Invaders and the useless welfare defectives are exempt from the mandated chemical mutilation. “They” are sure that the new population and the un-oppressed ghetto people will recognize them as saviors and then keep them well fed and warm as the old “White” population is in too much pain to resist. “They” are sure that the Chinese Plague vaccinations will remove enough of the current functional population to make their kind the new “ruling class”. Cute game! They actually do believe that old Bolshevik fantasy, that any person can be trained to do any job.

    Maybe the violent crime surge will convince them otherwise, but not as long as there is “Whitey” to blame. “Guns for the Special People” is just a stop-gap until they are the rulers.

  5. ” There’s just a lot of progressive buyer’s remorse right now”.
    Not really. I mean, any remorse they might have will be in thinking they need “better” Progressives to tell us what to do, expropriate our wealth, as opposed to the relatively dumb and ineffectual ones currently in office. They’re not going to have a scintilla of remorse for actually being Progressives; not even when their fellow Progressives put them up against the wall, and at that moment it won’t be remorse, but rather confusion.

    Besides, don’t think they aren’t currently doing any of their damage right now. The Progressive (incremental communist/fascist revolution) machine never stops, and like the former British Empire, the sun never sets on all their agents at once.

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