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Let’s say the ultimate paranoid understanding is this is a collapse of civilization to some degree.  In order to understand this, we should extract ourselves from as many of these failing systems as possible.  If you can extract yourself from the money system as much as possible, the school system and any of these systems because they are all going to fail, and you don’t want to be dragged down by them.  Here’s how bad it’s going to get…

Members of Congress will be rushing out of meetings, heaving their guts out and vomiting all over the hallways because of the emotional shock because of the death of the dollar.  The death of the dollar is not going to be a slow thing.  It will come to the point, probably fairly rapidly, and it might even be in just a couple of weeks because we have this drop dead date on December 3rd.  Anyway … This is the thing to imagine, and that is we are coming to the end of a civilization.

Clif High
November 16, 2021
Collapse of Civilization Coming
[Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

While I can believe there is a very good chance of economic collapse of the U.S. within the next few years, and I can believe it will be “rapid”, my best guess is that “rapid” will be on the scale of months or possibly weeks.

My “prediction” is based on the time scales seen in other hyper inflation situations.—Joe]


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  1. From The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway:
    “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.

    “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

    I have no doubt we’re headed to, if not total collapse, certainly a very severe retrenchment, at some point. As economist Herbert Stein pointed out, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

    How it stops is what’s of interest.

    When the stock market crashed in 1929 and FDR & Co. proceeded to make all the wrong moves, things became dire, and far beyond dire for many, but the world did not stop turning. 25% unemployment ruins lives and cripples economies but doesn’t necessarily mean “instant death.”

    Today, though, we have a level of interconnectedness that the 1930s world did not which promises to drag everyone down when one or more large players collapse. What will be interesting is the self-defense moves made as the glide slope to severe crisis steepens. In the U.S. I would expect states to begin jettisoning dependence upon, and involvement with, the federal government; Texas, I expect, would be a better place to be than Connecticut or California, and 100 acres somewhere is a better option set than a paid-for urban condo and 50 thousand followers on Twitter.

    As for what happens politically, it’s a fair bet that whatever will come from D.C. will be wrong and that will become obvious almost immediately. Some will still attempt to follow D.C.’s lead, which brings us back to Texas, etc. and things like festooning lamposts elsewhere.

    As for what happens overseas, it’s a crap shoot. Once things hit hard bottom they’ll stabilize, it’s during that “free fall” part that the flailing about will be dangerous. Is a quick fall better than a slow one? Depends, I guess, on where one is and what support(s) have been constructed beforehand.

    At the very least, the survivors will have learned the true price of voting Democrat and of supporting non-democrat Uniparty members whatever their label, and the value of economic and social independence.

  2. I think it was reverend Ike that said. “Bad credit never ruined anyone. But good credit can wipe you out in nothing flat.”
    The only thing that tells me this one will go down fast is that everything these days is managed. Were to think a financial collapse wouldn’t be?
    Collapse is just another transfer of some kind. In a world run by thieves. It’s just a cunning way to steal.
    Just as those ships sitting off our coast is full of stuff worth billions. That the global corporations don’t have to pay for yet? (It hasn’t been delivered, right?).
    At the same time China’s real estate/ bonds are collapsing, (Evergrande), And they need cash bad. It’s all managed.
    Collapse is just the start. The real play is what it costs to get back to something called normal.
    The great depression happened fast. Then came 12 years of ignorant misery, followed by world war that murdered millions. And the establishment of a global power structure.
    I’m sure the next event will be for that structure to start active control. Where all governments will be forced to kneel to it. And an active tax be paid to it.
    Were being managed to death.
    Other than that. Thanks for all you do Joe!
    And Happy Thanksgiving y’all!
    (Gain a few pounds, you might need them soon!)

  3. Francisco beat me to what I was going to say but it is impossible to figure out the timing or what the spark will be. And the spark will meet the powder keg at some point.

    Some things can be prepared for and everyone should but in other cases we are just going to be swept along. Preparation can buy you time to figure out what is going on even in the worst case and time is the most precious commodity of all.

  4. As Stanislaw an old Polish Jew I knew years ago used to say. “We are fucked right on the bed in the name of Jesus”. Stan survived the Warsaw Ghetto.
    How did Stan survive. “Adapt and Overcome”

    • Your friend Stan didn’t get fucked in the name of Jesus. He got fucked by a German, because he didn’t have enough situational awareness to fight back.
      Remember that folks. If you ever find yourself in a Ghetto? YOU weren’t paying attention. Think Australian about now. And gun control.
      Blaming Jesus for your predicament is denial of where the real problem lies. YOU.
      Robert, your Jewish friend’s problem is he forgot, no one gets out alive. But you can chose how you die, if you want.
      Jesus can help you not be a bitch, if you want. But that’s as far as it goes.

      • Nah you didn’t know Stan. He became a Partisan and butchered Nazi’s. After he killed them, he stripped them and burned them beyond recognition. Read up on history son. Many many Jews took to the sewers and fought the NAZI. Not like you blathering along.
        “Fucked Right On The Bed In The Name Of Jesus”
        When you have no choice but to FIGHT BACK to the DEATH.

        • Be Stan whomever he was. Or you, or I. Jesus had nothing to do with your friends, or his friends, getting fucked.
          And yes, I have a tendency to blather on. But at least I’m somewhat factual on where blame lays in WWII. And again, nothing to do with Jesus and hard-ons.
          I sure the fact that it was mostly Christians that wiped out Stan’s enemies. And it never occurs to you that his attitude was a little weird?
          Maybe a little gratitude is in order?
          It sure as hell wasn’t his countrymen that stopped the Nazis.
          Sorry, but Unglorious Bastards was not a documentary.

  5. When urbanites exit their cities in a matter of hours, with whatever they can shove into their crossovers and not much planning of where they are headed (“Aunt Rita has a spare bedroom”), rather than taking weeks or months with all the paperwork done on new mortgages and taking losses on their condos, the collapse has crossed from gradually descending the World Trade Center stairwells to being suddenly crushed in them.

    The structural damage is taking place now. The ramifications of the damage will take some time to realize.

  6. “The structural damage is taking place now. The ramifications of the damage will take some time to realize.”

    “Walkaways” at all levels and at unprecedented volumes – hadn’t considered that; assuming we last that long, some of the 1Q22 ending balance sheets ought to be interesting. Which also assumes that they’ll be truthful, which is probably asking too much, especially if it’s a government balance sheet. Might take until 2Q finals for the full truth, but probably by then everyone will know it without the published numbers.

    Joe, want to start a betting pool on this?

  7. In the past change happened at the speed of a horse.
    Then it sped up to the speed of a steam train.
    In the past century societies changed at the pace of
    the automobile.

    In the past half century that pace of change happens
    quite literally at the speed of light…..the speed at which
    video, radio and internet information is transmitted.

    So yes…..because virtually everything in America now
    happens at the speed of light a collapse could happen
    extremely fast. Overnight is not beyond the realm of

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