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  1. Well, here’s to hoping their judged harshly by something more than history?
    Just the threat of that much money hitting the market is going to put a death wobble into the system.
    Everybody knows they ain’t getting their money back. And what they get back ain’t buying shit, is the new normal.

  2. It’s more than just “all they know”. Inflationary spending is a tried and true method of transferring wealth from regular society to the handful of politically connected and powerful people making most of the big governmental decisions. It’s also a useful tool for leftists as it makes vast numbers of people in society unhappy. A happy people won’t willingly accept the bullshit being sold by the commie left. Unhappy people are far more vulnerable to the propaganda.

  3. Option 1; you can call it a boondoggle. Option 2; I’ll call it the desired results of years and years of careful planning, skillful misdirection and competent execution.

    The proper response to option 1 would be to educate those in office. However we’ve seen repeatedly, for generations, that they are immune to such education. They have a very strong and entrenched culture, with its own traditions, hierarchical infrastructure and enforcement system, which works diligently to preserve that immunity.

    And it’s not that they don’t know. It’s that the knowledge you’d want them to embrace is in every way antithetical to their mission. That mission is to create something which is entirely at odds with everything you could think of as being the elements and features of a free and successful America. They want the opposite of each of those things.

    The proper response to option 2 is to first understand that what we are dealing with is NOT incompetence, nor is it extreme stupidity, but enemy action. I’m talking about a simple realization, based not only on years of repeated evidence but also on the very words and declarations of the enemy itself. They told us, generations ago, of the things they intended to do, and it was all so outrageous that we dismissed it as the mad rantings of the ignorant and naive. “Surely they’ll grow up,” we thought, “and see reality”, or, “We know better, and anyway they’re powerless” or we treated them with similar dismissals.

    That was our mistake, not theirs. We were the ones who failed to see reality. We are the naive ones. Today we’re the soon-to-be next victims of an experienced and skillful serial killer. We’re still going along with the deception, believing that the plaster cast on his arm is genuinely the result of a broken bone and that he, in his pathetic state, needs our help!

    THAT is our “reality”; a false one. But it’s a lie that’s relatively easy to maintain, and extremely difficult to oppose, because in believing it we can think of ourselves as superior to the “unfortunate” liar whereas to accept the truth is to admit our own failure. No one wants to believe they’re being duped, especially if it means admitting that we’ve been duped out of our entire life savings and indeed our very freedom and the freedom of our children and generations to come! And so we choose not to believe it. It’s too difficult. The evidence could be all cataloged, collated and laid out in front of us (and much of it has been), and we’d not believe it. We’re likely to attack the messenger instead.

    The more egregious the scam, the more the duped (that’s us) will play along with it if it’s done skillfully.

    Even if we were to realize what’s being done to us, I don’t see the way of undoing the damage caused by our past foolishness. I don’t believe we possess the ability to respond appropriately, but I do know that the first step would be to rotate our polarizing filters by a quarter turn, as it were, and undergo that simple shift in perception; the realization that this generations-old, on-going destruction has not been “mistake”, or “boondoggle” or any other form of incompetence. Nor is it caused by germs, or impending environmental disaster or any such, nor is it the result of rank stupidity. Rather it is simple, old-fashioned enemy action, founded in envy, greed, hubris and hate and then fomented, led, planned and well executed.

    • Yep, this is the fundamental error of conservative thinking. We consistently underestimate the enemy. These days it is compounded by the fantasy that this is one country that can somehow magically be united again.

  4. He’s not wrong. But the house of cards will crash. Maybe not in my lifetime but almost certainly in my grandson’s.

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