8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—єℓ αѕнα’мαη∂σ @sporrendo

  1. Better a mushroom for a dick, than a pea for a brain. Whatever the f–k you call yourself.

  2. Fortunately, I’m a married gun owner, and though my wife isn’t a big firearms fan, she seems to have no complaints about my mushroom.

  3. The Demokrauts are onsessed and supportive with anything sexual no matter the sickness.
    They have become the Pedo Party

    • Not a chance. These people are impervious to facts.

      But this reminds me… I have a trans woman and her partner requesting a new shooter introduction to pistol shooting. I need to reserve the training bay as soon as I get some of my scheduling issues settled.

  4. Mushroom or skinny jean man bun? Humm… No, I would rather have functioning genitalia and carry a Glock.

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