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Stop granting these people the intellectual charity that they are arguing in good faith. They despise you. And they are at war with you. Rules of engagement are a disadvantage when your opponents have none.

bumbletron @citizenobscure
Tweeted on November 13, 2021
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. In a sense it doesn’t matter.

    Whether from malice or incompetence, good intentions or bad … the results still have to be lived and dealt with by the rest of us.

    If those results are bad enough, well, then the question becomes what is necessary to stop and reverse the damage.

    • That’s Quentin Tarantino’s assertion from Boondock Saints. And so now we’re on the edge of using the enemy’s lack of morals as justification for adopting the same vacuous position, which can be summed up as, “Hate justifies violence, and hate and violence justifies hate and violence”. And so we all go down together, and the song lyrics go.

      What is necessary to stop and reverse the damage? Same as last time. A rekindled Protestant Reformation. The Decalogue. Without disseminating the “five solas” there’ll be nothing left to disseminate but bullets and bombs.

      But neither side will accept a renewed Reformation, and will easily join forces to prevent it.

      So don’t fall for the Dialectic Method here, emotionally compelling as it may be. In Western politics, as in the Catholic Church, both purported “sides” (“liberal” and “conservative”) are the same side, and it never changes. The authoritarian impetus and goals for today are exactly the same as they were thousands of years ago. All that changes are the public rationalizations, which are always lies.

      We all know about “security theatre” and so we should be able to recognize “dialectic theatre” just as easily. Thesis + Antithesis —> Synthesis. The old “Good Cop, Bad Cop” ruse is one of the simpler versions of it, but this is happening on a global scale, across platforms and in multiple disciplines and venues.

  2. Reading a larger portion of that link, ones see the commies espousing that life should be held over property.
    I get the sentiment. But what their missing is the point that life is the property one has worked for. Not that everyone has worked and slaved for a given object. But that they hold cheap what you worked for. You, your labor, time, and money that makes up your life. They think it can be replaced by a check from a insurance company.
    They never ask what anyone gets out of burning it down? Is Kenosha any less racist after being burned than it was before? To them it still is. Even if Kyle was convicted, it would still be to them.
    On the hypocrite side. They don’t work or have to build anything. So burning something is no big deal.
    What they hate the most is that Kyle acted according to the rules of engagement. A jury told them so. Using the system they have co-opted, and weaponized. For a verdict they lied and perjured themselves to get. That was a lot of political capital got wiped out. And they can’t replace it.
    The real puzzlement is that their communists. One would think they should be use to disappointment by now? Failure is the only thing their system can create.

  3. Bingo! As long as one side plays by a set of rules and the other side has only ONE RULE….WIN, then it’s NOT a contest….it’s a slaughter. The left listens to and
    heeds only ONE THING. Violence. They will not give up, they will not quit, they will not go away….unless they are FORCED to do so. And even then as soon as that force ceases they will come back and resume their assaults on freedom. History has proven that there is only one successful response to communistic leftists assaulting freedoms of others….you KILL THEM. That makes them good communists.

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