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Idaho has the fastest growing population in the U.S. in 2021:

Idaho had a population growth of 2.12%, growing from 1,789,060 to 1,826,913. People from all over the U.S. are being drawn to Idaho for its affordability and the strong job market. Additionally, Boise has a rapidly growing tech sector. Many people migrating to Idaho are from California, most likely due to its affordability (especially compared to California) and a much lower population density. Despite the state’s rapid growth, it is the 12th-smallest state in the U.S.

Idaho residents would prefer people, especially refuges colonizers from the socialist states, stay where they are and continue to provide a bad example for the rest of the country.


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  1. “People from all over the U.S. are being drawn to Idaho for its affordability and the strong job market.”

    No no no, correction;
    People are being drawn to Idaho for its greater economic and personal freedom after screwing up their own states by supporting top-down, central planning mentality and authoritarian policies.

    I have NO problem with people coming here for the relatively better freedom, SO LONG AS they don’t bring their leftist thinking and voting habits with them. One of our employees is a refugee from Democrat-controlled Kalifornia. She and her husband defected last year and came to Idaho appreciating what we have here and they never had down in leftist hell. We’ve helped them become acclimated to the changing seasons, gave them some gun handling and marksmanship training, they’ve had a lot of help from others in the area (they had learn what “heat tape” is for example), and they’re doing quite well. It’s been a difficult time accommodating all of these refugees’ real estate and construction needs, but if they can bolster and grow Idaho’s liberty-minded population then I’m all for it.

    Of course, the danger is that some of them will attempt to ruin Idaho the same way they turned Kalifornia into a crime-ridden, irrational, neo-Marxist, pagan, economically retarded and dependent sewer, namely by supporting Romish-fascist Democrat politicians. Not that the Republicans are much better, mind you. They need constant monitoring, instruction and pressure to help mitigate their lust for power and title.

    Funny thing— Although the city of Moscow is over-run with pale, prissy, titled, Marxist, state dependents who actually believe, in their heart of hearts, that their dependency makes them superior, at no time during the plandemic did I see more than a tiny smattering of people out in the surrounding towns wearing masks. They don’t jump just because some sorry excuse for a politician says “jump”. In Moscow they’re still doing all the dumb things, wearing masks while alone in their cars, et al. Moscow has been a running joke among the rest of Latah and Benewah Counties for decades.

  2. Of course at some point we’re going to have to put up a wall to keep the Kalifornians from getting into our country.

  3. Not sure this piece of conventional wisdom is correct. I spent Saturday with a group that was recent arrivals from CA. They were extremely conservative and very Christian. Lawyer, gunsmith, former office manager for Habitat for Humanity, social media person, staff for Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers. These people are refuges not invaders.

    And then there was that 2018 exit poll in TX showing that recent arrivals supported Cruz while native Texans supported Beto.

    • I’m one of these.
      I spent my entire working life in the Bay Area. Thirty plus years in a region that saw the constant need for more of my taxes for their corrupt political machine that left me with fewer and fewer options for retirement.
      I’m one who believes that hard times are coming. When the shit hits the fan, being a political minority in a region that thinks punishing criminal acts is unfair, is a precarious position to be.

      The amount of former Californians up here is staggering. We skew pretty damned Conservative and look at Boise as starting to get Bay Area-like in its culture.
      The early refugees will be the better off, with more options. Later waves will increasingly see those who make poor life choices and will vote for someone to provide for them.

      I’m grateful every day for not having to wake up in a place where I have to be mindful of speaking out for fear of losing friends, my job or worse.

  4. Mr. Huffman:

    You’ll want to make a distinction between “refugees” and “colonizers”.

    My wife and I are political and economic refugees from the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota, and have retired to a small town in Wyoming. We came from the center of the Hive, Minneapolis, where we lived in the district that voted 75% for Keith Muhammed X. Ellison and Ilhan Omar. If push came to shove we’d have had to shoot 3 out of 4 of our “neighbors”. Every day we’re here in Big Wonderful Wyoming we are thankful we left in time, and grateful for the spirit of freedom and liberty combined with personal responsibility that forms the culture here. We have a positive attitude of never wanting to change that culture.

    A colonizer is an idiot who is unable to correlate cause and effect. They participated, rather than fought, the collectivist, authoritarian statists who have destroyed the state from which they are fleeing, but are unable to associate their actions and votes with the destruction. They have thoroughly shit the bed where they used to live, and come to their new state with their attitudes and opinions unchanged, and are startled to find that they are held in contempt by everyone in their new surroundings. They wish to “change it for the better”, by enacting things like “sensible gun control” or other fascist laws.

    We should welcome the refugees, and make it plain to the colonizers that their failed policies, opinions and lives are utterly unacceptable. Don’t like it? Go back to where you came from.

    • I understand the distinction. I was unable to find the word “colonizer” when I wrote the post. I have corrected that error. That said, my small and probably biased sample of people I have talked to in Idaho indicates they don’t want the increase in population density even if the refuges are of high quality.

  5. Numerow uno is never let any of them run for office. Of any kind. If they haven’t lived there for 15 years. No vote.

    • A more practical way to deal with it is to start looking VERY carefully at every person that is running for ALL the positions that can be voted on. Unless they are already well connected politically, or very wealthy, most start at the bottom, chasing the easy, cheap seats that people don’t pay attention to. “From little acorns grow mighty oaks”.

      Make it clear that the person running for dogcatcher is a communist, etc, and you may end up with an easy, cheap victory in thinning the herd of undesirables. Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the qualities of the low level slot chasers. “Oh, yeah, he’s been assistant ‘chaser’ for a few years, what the heck, that’s good enough for me”, and away they go, ending up running the Senate or similar. Whacking weeds is easier than chopping down trees.

  6. And with the army crossing the so. border right now. State borders don’t matter anymore. Were haggling over something the commies have pushed us way passed.
    The economy crisis is going to light that one up big time. As those people coming in are far more experienced at living in the 3rd. world than you and I. Toss in a little hunger and watch it burn.
    America is about to get a lesson in ruthlessness.

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