Quote of the day—Pam Carlson (@PamCarlson3)

Big man sticking up for the tiny penis crowd trying to sic his tiny penis followers on me.  Better hope this doesn’t go the way you want.  Twitter has a harassment policy, you know.

Pam Carlson (@PamCarlson3)
Tweeted on September 27, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

This was in response to my blog post which automatically posted a link to it on Twitter.

I found this hilarious! She starts out by harassingly gun owners with childish insults. I merely quoted her and pointed out she appeared to be incapable of bringing anything but childish insults to the discussion. I did not advocate or even suggest anyone engage with her. In response, she projects her harassment of us as harassment of her and continues harassing us.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pam Carlson (@PamCarlson3)

  1. “Goddammit, Jacob, why are you such a dumbfuck?”

    Me, to our bathroom contractor’s helper on finding out he’s not vaccinated.

    My response would be, “goddamnit Pam, good luck living without indoor plumbing.” Then I would walk out and do my best to blackball her with every contractor I could find.

    You are paying for my skills, not my dignity.

    • That depends. If she’s grossly obese, 80 years old, or immunocompromised, then letting a COVID-infected person into her home might give her an infection with a 5% chance of killing her. Of course, the chance that an unvaccinated workman happens to be infected but still working on this day is well under 1% – but if she uncritically listens to leftist/government/Democrat/media propaganda, she might really believe that unvaccinated = infected (and be such an idiot that reading her posts would reduce Forrest Gump’s IQ).

      There’s also a chance that a _vaccinated_ person is infected, smaller than the chance for the unvaccinated but not zero. If so, that person is more likely to have such a mild case that he doesn’t know it and goes to work. So if you want to be safe from _any_ tiny chance of dying from COVID, use a bucket and never call the plumber. (Die from sewage-born diseases instead!)

    • Finally, if I could stand to scan Ms. Idiot’s social media accounts, would I find her going out to crowded places with her friends? And does she wear a mask going from the car to the restaurant, then take her mask off inside?

  2. Somehow, the only thing that comes to mind when I hear such thing is. Deportation.
    If Pam doesn’t like my big gun and my little penis in this country, I doubt very much she’s going to like living in the land of large ones, unarmed. Just saying.

  3. It is possible that “Pam” is a ‘trans’ with a projection disorder…clinically speaking.

  4. It is possible that “Pam” is a ‘trans’ with a projection disorder…clinically speaking.
    And I have not said /typed that before

  5. It’s the standard M.O. A leftist will initiate an unprovoked attack (because that’s what leftists do), and then claim victimhood when you dare to stand up for yourself or your principles. Eventually they get tired of you “not listening” to them and so they’ll apply every manner of demonization, ostracism, threats, and coercion, and eventually kill you. It’s the mindset and M.O. of Rome from the Dark Ages, as I keep saying. The only differences are that they now have the advantages of modern technology, they’ve refrined their methods to a fine art, and they’re global, essentially owning every country on the planet. They teach your children, they entertain your children, they train your political influencers, and you support them with your tax dollars and with your very participation in comerce.

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